Lucent Dossier Experience – Cervantes Ballroom, Denver [11.23.13] – Review & Photos

LucentDossier-CervantesWhat was a weekend jam packed with shows and things to do around Denver/Boulder, not as many people had Lucent Dossier at Cervantes scheduled into their plans. However, by Saturday night this became a different reality altogether as hype was doled out and well received. A few experienced people to help spread the word or a quick viewing of one of the two main Lucent Dossier preview videos on YouTube, and it’s an easy sell. Literally one minute into the video, and that’s all they needed to make up their mind.

With the evening already glorified by acts like bioLuMigen, Lynx, and Welder, the crowd patiently waited for the creatures of Lucent Dossier to amass the stage. And that they did! With what can only be described as a unified force of weird human creatures dancing their way into our minds and stealing our eyes away from anything else they might have been seeing. After this past summer’s performance at Sonic Bloom, I applauded the decision to bring Lucent Dossier back to Denver, especially at the famed Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. What Cervantes lacked in vertical abilities like an outdoor festival, it made up for with its boisterous atmosphere and burgeoning excitement, causing the room to feel as though it was bursting at the seams. Luckily this wasn’t another Sonic Blossom, over packed past comfortability, and was actually just a raging good time unofficially celebrating Sonic Bloom and its wacky and weird artists who love to transcend us closer to the purpose of living.

Lucent Dossier- Cervantes Denver 11/23/13

Things were obviously going to be interesting due to Lucent’s acrobatics and the obvious big difference between indoor and outdoor performance settings. Instead of staring straight upward (like we did at Sonic Bloom), we were now focused on an adult jungle gym of sorts. The type of things you’d like to play on in a sandbox. (Lucent should even consider letting other people borrow this contraption as more artists need to fill their stage with props and visual aids in my opinion.) Imagine Gaudi if he had a geodesic jungle gym. Anyways, it was also really effective when the performers would use the crowd as their canvas and splash more than a few with their sweat!

As a dance troupe they clearly have it down. They’ve done residences in indoor city venues in Los Angeles and New York City. It was interesting to see the transition and what they focus on differently as performers. Being the fourth time I’ve seen them, it doesn’t get old, especially when you see the peoples reactions who haven’t seen the group before. However, one thing I feel like can be amped up is their music, and that quite possibly could be in the plans come 2014. 

Some “skits” we thought we remembered. And then some we realized we hadn’t. See but that’s the thing with these guys. You can so easily get submerged or lost in the moment at hand. That’s why even after seeing the group for now my fourth time, I still can’t really fully recognize and remember songs. I know the formidable and particularly heavy “Awakening” was played while one of the performers twirls in what can only be described as a ring of fury! What gives it an outer worldly effect is the creatures behind the main dancer or performer writhing and wiggling oddly yet perfectly to the beat. It’s even easy to forget that there’s a live band there playing the music out in front of you. There’s a mad science and talented choreography that goes into this. I’d love to see more inside the preparation that is a Lucent Dossier performance. Hopefully this might be a sign that more videos will be produced soon.

On the schedule for about an hour and 15 to hour to an hour and 30 minutes, they finished their mind bending performance and gave a group bow. But their energy was clearly peaking just as much as the crowds was. They would finish the last half hour with their very own DJ Set, filled with wild dance rhythms, ideal for a Cervantes crowd hyped with energy. PERRRRFECT! Not only did we have 2 (maybe 3?) of LDE’s members giving us a taste of good time party music, but we had the always crowd pleasing Love & Light on next to night-cap it all! I love when Cervantes goes late and puts a great DJ on after the headliner. All in all, a stunningly fantastic evening!

Lucent Dossier Experience Website

 Photography by KBS!!!!!!!!!!!


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