Lost in Sound’s Best of 2013 – eelko’s Top 15 Memorable Songs

Hi, I’m eelko. I produce and DJ electronic music. I’m excited to bring to you my first ever end of the year list thanks to Lost in Sound! This is a list of my top 15 most memorable electronic songs of 2013. All the songs that have made this list have moved me in some way, either mentally or physically and have something special about them that made me not forget them.

As a DJ, I feel it is my duty to bring to you songs that you haven’t heard or stuff you may never hear if not put in front of you. I tend to enjoy the deeper, emotive side of music and this list of tracks highlights that. I hope that you can get an idea of what inspires me to keep creating! Enjoy!

1. KOAN Sound & Asa – Starlite

2. Om Unit – Wicker and Pearl

3. Bonobo – Don’t Wait

4. Lea Lea – Black or White (Goth-Trad Remix)

5. DJ Rum – Lies (ft. Shadowbox)

6. Bonobo – Know You

7. Ital Tek – Froze Up

8. Stray & Frederic Robinson – Thumbprint

9. Akkord – Folded Edge

10. Inkarv – No Place To Rest

11. Author – Innovate

12. Mr. Bill, Sable, & The Mollusk – Rymth

13. Ital Tek – The Flood

14. Frederic Robinson – Particles

15. Reso – Coronium (Doshy Remix)

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