Holy Fuck Remixes Royksopp, Covers Foals


Psychedelic Noise-Rock Pioneers Holy Fuck are starting to reach their potential and become a consistent source of interesting sonic experiments. Called “Toronto’s Evil Supergroup”, Holy Fuck includes, at various times, members of other notable bands King Cobb Steelie, By Divine Right, Wintersleep, Enon, and Blue Rodeo. Core members Brian Borcherdt and Graham Walsh hold down the current lineup, with Matt Schulz on drums and Matt McQuaid on bass.

The band often seems like an afterthought, playing spontaneous, unrehearsed shows, becoming a deliberately more relaxed venue for the free expression its members seek in more structured, traditional projects. Because of this style, they are always captivating and different, one of the last genuinely unpredictable acts left in the industry. They produce an electronic sound without use of pre-recorded samples or loops, just guitar effects and synths, which also makes them more fun to watch.

holy 4

Rooted in indie-rock, its never a dance party, but gets so rhythmic and deep at times that you cant help but move somehow. The vocals are always mumbled and ambient beyond comprehension, used as melodic instrumentation. There are moments of discord and frenzy interspersed in the dreamy mix, providing a ride both ambient and jarring, a turbulent airship sputtering over lush, undiscovered jungles.

Comparisons to NYC’s Battles, another schizophrenic instrumental project, come to mind, as well as Austin’s The Octopus Project, with shades of Jane’s Addiction, although Holy Fuck is probably more futuristic and twisted than any of those. Their live show is amazing… I caught them at SXSW a couple years ago and was blown away; they rival jambands in their improvisational ability and musicianship, while maintaining an angsty hipster edge that never allows the music to settle into complacency or get too happy for its own good.

Check out their latest dabblings, as they remix classic Electronica artist Royksopp and cover indie darlings Foals:

Royksopp – Happy Up Here (Holy Fuck Remix)

Holy Fuck – Balloons (Foals cover)

A fun video made by Chad VanGaalen for “Milkshake” off the debut full-length “LP”
Holy Fuck – Milkshake

More to come..   myspace.com/holyfuck

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