Broken Bells’ First Single Release-“The High Road”


Danger Mouse– easily one of America’s best and most eclectic producers- teams with James Mercer, the lead singer/songwriter of the indie rock band The Shins, for one of the most anticipated new groups of 2010- Broken Bells.

Danger Mouse’s production work includes his 2004 internet cult-classic Jay-Z/The Beatles mashup album, “The Grey Album”, Gorillaz’s “Demon Days”(2005), the Black Key’s “Attack and Release”(2008), and Beck’s “Modern Guilt”(2008). Danger Mouse (a White Plains,NY native) continues to help create successful, fresh music. By pairing up with James Mercer, Danger Mouse can potentially take Mercer outside of his traditional indie rock box- creating a sound all their own. After listening to “The High Road” a number of times- sitting here drunk, on vacation, and preparing for bed- I am ready for their upcoming March LP release.

Broken Bells-“The High Road”

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Click here to pre-order “Broken Bells” on CD or Vinyl, or Broken Bells’ Deluxe Limited Edition Music Box (a real music box which plays an exclusive track by the duo entitled “The Overture” when opened).


“Broken Bells”(03.09.10)- Track Listing

1. The High Road
2. Vaporize
3. Your Head Is On Fire
4. The Ghost Inside
5. Sailing to Nowhere
6. Trap Doors
7. Citizen
8. October
9. Mongrel Heart
10. The Mall and Misery

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