Hol Baumann

Hol Baumann is the stage name of Olivier Orand, a budding soundsmith from Lyon, France. He has been composing and producing albums, theater, movies and documentaries for many years and seems to have found his calling in the world of ambient music. He makes what he calls “sound sculptures”, combining traditional instrumentation and vocal samples with complex digital textures. Patient soundscapes build the suspense before morphing into inspiring beats perfect for background bumpin.

His latest album, Human, was released on French Psybient label Ultimae Records, owned by Mahiane (Sunbeam) and Vincent Villuis (Aes Dana), who have been cultivating advanced psychedelic sounds for decades. Check out the new Scala EP and try out some tracks from Human, all well worth the download:


Forgotten Ritual

Benares (Varanaci Edit)

Live video featuring Deena Roy on Vocals, Visuals by eM Tv

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