Imagika Om – Basura Sagrada Downtemple Set

Imagika started her relationship with music as a dance performer and performance ritual artist, and quickly added remixing and producing music for her dance performances and productions to her repertoire…Her performance background is reflected in her musical style, and is heard in her ability to create soundscapes for performances.

She is a multi-dimensional digital artist and multi-media muse, experimenting with many mediums. Imagika is also an Event Producer with Imagi-Nation, collaborating with Temple of Visions and others in creating unique and cutting edge events uniting music, dance, technology and spirituality for next level experiences, merging the exotic, sacred, and modern into one. She is also a poet, artist, photographer, & clothing designer. She is an initiated Priestess of the 13 Moon with Ariel Spillsbury, adept at creating sacred space and ceremony.”

Heady stuff. Clearly a highly cultivated artist and performer, she has collaborated with Lucent Dossier on their weekly events and international excursions and appeared at many a west coast festival. She has a smooth and diverse style, mixing dub and tribal sounds, womps and melodic samples over heavy bass. It really is obvious that she’s a dancer herself, she has a way of choosing tracks that inspire the body.

Imagika Om – Shrine Basura Sagrada DownTemple Set


This is a set she put together for Shrine‘s Basura Sagrada Temple Fundraiser in 2008, never released to the public before. You know you’re a good DJ when your mix is still hot four years later! Shrine is an artist who designed the Temple in 2008 with Tucker Teutsch 3.0. He is recovering from a serious car accident and there is a fund to help with his medical bills. If you would like to contribute to the Shrine medical Fund, please go to:

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