Craftal – “Unfurlurling” EP ( Exclusive EP)

Son of a humble composer and fractal scientist, Ian McKenna aka Craftal has furthered the family legacy with his algorithmic approach to computer music. In only a couple short years his productions skills have improved at exponential rates. Comparable to the likes of Spoonbill and Bogtrotter with an ever present sonic homage to the one like Dave Tipper. With regular underground sound system appearances and several key performances in the Denver area Craftal has become somewhat of a hometown hero. His recent relocation to Evergreen State College in WA for sound design will only sharpen his skills for further explorations into sound. With great honor we present to thee Craftal‘s freshman EP “Unfurlurling”.


1. Toymaker’s Dungeon

2. Unfurlurling

3. Nothing’s Impossible

4. Nanobot Cave



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