Artist Spotlight: Consider the Source


If you have yet to see a Consider the Source show, consider yourself too far from the source. CTS brings a style of instrumental dance music to the table that they can proudly call their own.  Their mind-blowing live show will undoubtedly take you on an auditory journey to a place unique from any other band.

This 3-piece band from New York could best be described as heavy-hitting psychedelic prog-funk laced with a Claypool/Wooten/Marcus Miller bass twang and Middle Eastern influenced fusion guitar slaying on a half-fretless, double-neck axe.  Needless to say, their sound packs a powerful, yet technically refined punch from start to finish.

Their 3rd album, That’s What’s Up, was released late in 2010 after the band wrapped up a tour in Israel, and can be downloaded directly from the band’s website Check out a multitude of live recordings at

Consider the Source is a show that should not be missed, however you should be prepared to reassemble your melted facial structure by the end of the night.


Consider the Source – Closer to Home


Consider the Source – No Easy Answer


Consider the Source – The H is O


CTS Live @ Wonderbar – Allston, MA – 4/06/11:

Photos courtesy of BrainChild Media


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