Afro Monk – Alien Sessions

Miami resident Afro Monk has been busy, to say the least, forming a self-sustaining empire on all sides of the bass music industry. Founder of the blog (glitch/dubstep), the blog (downtempo/trip-hop), his own Glitch.FM and Turntable.FM radio shows, Afro Monk Records, and Afro Monk Marketing, an applaud for entrepreneurial ingenuity is in order. Needless to say, too much of anything is rarely a good thing, and Afro Monk has burnt himself out on heavy bass music over the years. In true DJ fashion, Afro has compiled his frustrations into a series of mixtapes, entitled the “Alien Sessions,” as an homage to chilled out downtempo beats more suitable to a couch, bed, or car than the dance floor at a club. Stream and download the extraterrestrial mixtape series below, let it beam you away to that sophisticated and soulful place you so fondly remember, before the dark ages of brostep and chainsaw electro. We hope you enjoy and we sure as sh*t hope Afro Monk keeps up the good work!

Afro Monk – Get Weird


Afro Monk – Detox


Afro Monk – Tell Me U Want Me Here



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