Solar Fields’ “Random Friday” Preview, Glade 2012 Promo Mix D/L

Random Friday is a sleek and buoyant uptempo album by Swedish composer Solar Fields in the same vein as ‘Earthshine‘ released in 2007. Ten chiseled, high-tech tracks with compact kicks, deep basslines, floating and hypnotic atmospheres, lighthearted melodies, and a definite sense of groove! Magnus Birgersson offers his own definition of dance floor music, with a fine mix of progressive, acid, electro and ambient influences, pushing the boundaries of the audio spectrum. Get ready for a multi-colored, fresh and dynamic story.” –

I love his ambient/downtempo stuff and think Movements is one of the best albums the genre has seen. The glow he creates with pads is so soothing and otherworldly, synthetic and futuristic but resonating with every human emotion and often mixed with instruments and sounds from nature. His patient building of complex soundscapes remains even when the bpm is increased and he evolves the genre of progressive psytrance with this release.

I don’t listen to much psytrance or Scandinavian chillout these days, few do in the states, but Solar Fields keeps these genres fresh and exciting for me, and his production skills and sound design are something to be marveled at. This is definitely getting back to his roots and is sure to be a big hit in Europe, give it a good listen.

It came out April 28th at Ultimae Records:

The mix below is a good sample of what he’s about for new listeners and contains some extended versions and remixes of classic tracks for fans. Someone please bring the man to America!


Stream / Download this great mix of old and new tracks, mostly downtempo, done in anticipation of his set on the Inspiral Stage at Glade 2012 :

Solar Fields’ Glade Festival 2012 Promo Mix




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