New Thriftworks Album is a Free Gem

Thriftworks returns with a more polished and engaging version of his lush and organic hip-hop beats – although you can barely call them that anymore. Though certain elements of the musical roots remain, an arsenal of modern bass and diverse samples have been unleashed.

Using haunting and exotic vocal samples, delicate strings and gangster bass, he has brought us an album that is solid and enjoyable throughout. Finding hits may be challenging, but it’s not that kind of music – it’s patient, head-bobbing, cruising music that will get the downtempo dancers up and wild.

He first came to my attention on An-Ten-Nae‘s Acid Crunk 3 compilation when his track, “Get The ‘Lectroid,” was remixed by Rook. See that post HERE. Unique, rich and irresistible, it evokes masters like Flying Lotus, Bassobese and Amon Tobin.

The album is FREE, but donate if you can, and get it NOW.




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