Music Ecology – January

January 4th

The Great Mundane

Based in Portland, Oregon he takes listeners on a journey exploring the complexities and intricacies of his minimalist and innovative approach to beatmaking. He invents fractured, heady instrumentals laced with lush synthesizer work that navigate the terrain of forward thinking hip-hop and electro/house, all while exhibiting genuine emotion and talented production skills. Each arrangement is collaged with friends, found sounds, synthesizers, and samples meticulously programmed to convey what it might feel like to fall in love with a tree, travel through a wormhole, or to never be bored again. His sound draws on influences from Dabrye, Prefuse 73, Nosaj Thing, James Blake, J Dilla and many other like-minded composers. His debut LP “When Falls Arrive” (psymbolic) was released in 2007 exposing him as one of the top underground electronic musicians to keep an ear out for. Since, he has released “The Wires Remixes” EP, a remix of Deru’s “Peanut Butter and Patience” (Mush) and his second full length entitled “Humdrum” (RunRiotRecords). The Great Mundane’s music is featured on a long list of compilation albums including Portland’s annual “PDX Pop Now” series. Expect remixes for SPL, Lorn, KiloWatts & Bluetech as well as a forthcoming EP entitled “This is So You” due in October 2010 on 1320 Records in anticipation for his next full length in May 2011 on the same label.

January 18th

Split Phase

Split Phase (formerly Synewave) is a live electronic duo consisting of Carl ‘transient’ Martin on keys and live electronics with Mike McIntosh on acoustic/electric drums and samples. Split Phase has been hard at work creating and developing a unique, energetic, and refreshing sound all their own. Experimenting with influences ranging from house to drum and bass and jazz to funk, they tap an eclectic mix of styles to weave their sonic tapestries.

January 25th

The Durians
A bit about the band: They are a three-piece group playing original music in the styles of Drum’n’Bass, Nu-Jazz, Dub-step, House, and Psychedelia. Their live vibe is high-energy, intense, and often humorous, involving the audience by handing out prizes such as strange Asian candies (often Durian-flavored), pickled eggs and other off-putting somewhat edible treats. The music itself is heavy, organic, anthemic and laden with improvisation. The musicians play a network of instrument-machines, controlled not only by MIDI instruments like keyboards and pads, but also by heavily modified acoustic instruments, such as trombone, trumpet, MIDI-fied bass guitar, recorder, MIDI-fied theremin and live drums.

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