MiM0SA – ‘Crunksteppers Guide to PsyPhy’ Mixtape

Tigran Mimosa is a young buck out of San Jose in the mix with An-Ten-Nae, Ana Sia, The Glitch Mob, and the rest of the crunked-out west coast  whomp n’ stomp scene.

He’s got 2 EPs out, Flux For Life and Hostilis. Both are solid, with deep, buzzing beats that slip along as laser bursts and haunting synth melodies ride on top.

Mimosa makes crunky dubstep that takes its time, glitchy dance tracks with a cowboy edge for the modern outlaw, the soundtrack to the new wild west.. I find it cleaner and more hard-hitting than most others in the genre; it spins and cuts like a samurai then gets in your face with the swagger and grit of a cage fighter.

He uses a lot of Hip-Hop samples from Dead Prez to Missy Elliott and is obviously rooted in classic Hip-Hop artists and production techniques.

He combines with Sleepyhead as Sexytime, a new project that produces some great tunes as well..

Here is Mimosa‘s new minimix featuring five unreleased tracks, FIRE!

MiM0SA – CrunkSteppers Guide to PsyPhy MiNi MiX

Track List:
1. MiM0SA – On The Line
2. MiM0SA – Delirium
3. MiM0SA – I’m in Love With a Stripper (ReMix)
4. MiM0SA – Werk Me (feat Missy Eliot)
5. MiM0SA – When I’m Alone (Bigger Than Hip Hop)

And here are a couple favorite tracks of his, grab the rest at Beatport



For more, visit    myspace.com/tigranmimosa and  myspace.com/sexytimesounds

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