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Still not convinced about The Magnetic Gathering this weekend? Well let me help:

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If you’ve got Monday off, you’re in for a treat! Notable performances to check out day-by-day are as follows:

The Malah

As one of the most dedicated and talented bands around, they don’t take things lightly, yet they walk around with this “cool air” to them. They portray a lackadaisical, sort of anything goes, and open-minded attitude that evidently shines in their playing. However, a Malah performance is not to be taken lightly. Feel floatational on your feet and let your mind wander; yet take every note as seriously as the time spent by the band perfecting its sound and structure. They all beautifully compose their organic instrumentation, but then take that jam/electronic essence and branch it off into a different realm. They use samples perfectly, which gives a solid ratio of synth to the cavemen’s woodwork.

Latest tracks by TheMalah


Every once in a while you come across somebody that hands you their music, and it becomes one of the more listened-to pieces in your library. A band that you watch from the time they get their start as homeblows chillin’ right next to you – passin’ out mixtapes or demos. This is how I feel about Perileyes, who – as I watch certain styles of heavy bass music become unimaginative and boring- are a duo of kids doing quite the opposite. Their intricate, yet partystyle beats even prompted one soundclouder to comment, “love your stuff man [guys], I come to soundcloud everyday to listen to your tracks, your music is fucking addictive, keep doing what you’re doing i love it.”

Latest tracks by Perileyes


His smooth, ambient compositions are more than just beats; they are layered with organic instruments and live bass, the mark of the best in the genre. The peaks, valleys and tangents spiraling into the cosmos are endlessly entertaining. He hypnotizes you into a willing companion on his mystical journey.

Latest tracks by Phutureprimitive


Medisin is  more than just a dubstep or psytrance DJ. As one who has refers to music as “a language for the soul”,  he transgresses genre lines and operates outside of your typical box. Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, he got his start in the spring of 2000 while working with the underground Goa scene and DJ’ing under the name Banjankri (Medicine Man). Playing parties in the forests of some of the oldest mountains in the world, the Appalachians, with a focus directed towards shamanistic healing and celebration through musical frequencies and dance, Medicine Man seemed like the perfect moniker. And so he made the easy switch to the English translation.

Latest tracks by ૐ Medisin ૐ


Expressing his ingrained and heartfelt “need to make a mark” on the planet, Hawaii/Portland-based alchemic downtempo producer, Bluetech (Evan Bartholemew) released his album, Rainforest Reverberation, on June 5th, 2010. According to Evan, he seeks to create a lasting legacy through his music that people will remember for years to come. While some people want to leave a physical legacy on the planet, by constructing buildings for instance, Bluetech seeks to leave the planet better sounding than he found it and to us some of the resources he generates for conservation.

Bluetech‘s sound is certainly organic, but his obsession with cultivating plants of the Bromeliad group is a much more tangible manifestation of his green thumb. He even announced that he is going to be taking a break from touring for a while. He feels he has already been everywhere to share his music and thinks it unnecessary at this point, as he laments the jet fuel emissions he contributes when traveling by air.

Latest tracks by Bluetech


The son of The Kinks founder, Dave Davies, Russell Davies has always been exposed to strong musical influences – it is through music that he interprets his environment. The various Abakus album releases are the culmination of many years’ experience with music through TV, collaborations, remixing, production, and engineering.

Citing Acid House, IDM, Dub and Trance as influences, the electronic music scene of the early nineties was a massive inspiration to Russell. His exploration of musical variety fueled a personal passion for continuous progression and improvement.

Latest tracks by Abakus

LESPECIAL (Sunday 930pm)

*If you make any show, it better be this one! These boys are on a tear as of Summer 2011, and they ain’t neva’ gonna’ stop!!!

lespecial has been making waves throughout the Northeast with their tight live sets ridden with raucous improv and sheer variety. Rory D provides the raw, primal, unyielding rhythmic backbone, Luke B throws down the dirty 4-string raunch, thump, and sub-synth, and Jonny G glitches the samples and guitar as well as the deep synth womp.
Aggressive dance music to turn heads before the apocalypse, their influences combine Flying Lotus, Primus, Radiohead, and ritualistic afro-latin rhythmic traditions.

 This long weekend is going to be a perfect sunny and crisp welcome to the fall season. Set in the most picaresque part of New Hampshire where the leaves are starting to turn, the Magnetic grounds are just two hours from Boston, three from Burlington, and five from NYC. There’s no reason not to come participate in this symphonic séance. Gates are open now. We’ll see you in the dome.

Website: Magnetic Gathering
Facebook: Magnetic Gathering

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