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We’re proud to present to you our Winter V/A Compilation of 2014. Last time we were here, it was summer. The days were long, and hot, and you had little in the way of a care. It’s winter now, and with a new season comes a brand new compilation. This tradition is on its third installment and boasting an incredibly talented and relevant array of 21 producers with 20 exclusive tracks for your listening pleasure.

We’ve been hard at work since last summer to bring you a new new cast altogether, and appropriate for this winter season of 2014. We’re proud to present our collaborators as follows:

Mumukshu – Peculiar Comfort Intro
Gladkill – Excuse Me Miss
Russ Liquid – Imogen Heap – Hallelujah (Russ Liquid Refix)
Aligning Minds – Through Blue Glass
Globular – A Rude Awakening
Love and Light – Skiing on Pillows
Plantrae – Dance of the Insect Soldiers
Erothyme – Full Woodshed Beats
Icaro – Mandelbrotwurst Magik
Kynara – Chernobyl
Splatinum – You’re No Good For Me
Smash & Grab – Lighter Side Of The Moon
D.V.S* – Blowout
B.R.E.E.D – Trip Biscuit
KiloWatts – Be Ten
Mindex – Beauty And The Beast
subcreature – Shaolin Steppers (feat. Digital Vagabond)
Conscious Kalling – Nomad Swag (feat. Clavion)
Numatik – Sacred Duality
Michael Garfield – 21st Century Romance (Live at Art Outside 2014 feat. Omir)

We’d like to thank each and everyone of these artists for their tremendous contribution towards this compilation, and their continued support of Lost in Sound as a collective. A special mention goes out to Jacob Unmess (UnMess Design) for designing the unbelievable cover art for this season’s compilation. 25 limited edition 11×17 prints are available via the “Merch” section of our Bandcamp.

Now in accordance with tradition, our compilation of exclusive tracks will be available for free download, but for the first time ever we are asking for a donation if you feel inclined to help a great cause. We have decided to use this compilation to do our part in helping our fellow brothers and sisters in the Philippines when in November of last year, one of the most severe typhoons ever recorded devastated the country’s infrastructure and left hundreds of thousands of people without a home, let alone food or water. People are still in need and any amount of help we can give goes along way. We wanted to help an honest and forward thinking organization, so we did our homework and found a non-profit called Transform Relief.

They deliver humanitarian aid to the Philippines, but more importantly are pursuing sustainable, citizen-led solutions to empower people and encourage local food production. Educating people about sustainable ways to grow food is an invaluable lesson, with positive repercussions that reverberate through generations. We want to have an impact, and with your help, we could all accomplish something truly beautiful.

Please read more about Transform Relief and learn more about what they are already doing to help the situation, and how you can get involved. We hope you enjoy this compilation. Do your best to share this music and this message with your friends and loved ones. We are all a big family, and the well being of one another is always in our best interests.

This compilation is completely free, however if you feel inclined to support, 100% of all donations go to Transform Relief

Transform Relief is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations actively pursuing relief & rehabilitation objectives in disaster zones. We focus on solutions that build future resilience through innovative collaborative strategies and a community-specific, citizen-led approach.

We do this by first establishing a network of local volunteer coordinators on the ground in a particular region who survey the needs of each community.  Then we pair credible projects with fundraising-sources to meet those needs.  Distribution is administered by our team.

After Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in November 2013, the response by government and traditional, big non-government organizations was inefficient and the region faced compounding tragedy with each passing day.

Transform Relief was created as a vehicle for the international community of independent relief organizations, virtual volunteers, and the friends/family of those in the disaster zone, to work together to achieve greater impact.

We started with one project in a single village, providing emergency food and medical supplies to a community of 1000 people.  We now have numerous projects operating through several global partnerships and spanning villages in many different regions, but even so, we have only impacted a small fraction of those affected in the Philippines.  We hope that during the next phase we can expand our ground network to cover the entire path of the Typhoon, and be able to replicate our strategy across an ever-broader group of people.

Agricultural Self-Sufficiency Project: A Fundraising Partnership with LostinSound.org

Stage 1 : Fast-Growth Crops : Collaboration with Seeds of Hope

Together with Seeds of Hope, we are already in the process of distributing fast-growth seeds to farmers and families across the south coast of the island of Samar, where the Typhoon first made landfall.  Seeds of Hope promotes communal horticulture by distributing seeds to help the people grow their own food supplies in typhoon-damaged areas, keeping with the beautiful Filipino tradition of bayanihan or ‘helping one another.’ The emphasis is on planting fast crops for early harvest in devastated areas. The successful implementation of this program will help augment and sustain the food supply in areas where people have lost almost everything.

Stage 2 : Permaculture Implementation : Collaboration with New Earth Acres & Abhaya Foundation

Together with New Earth Acres and Abhaya Foundation, we are creating a package that will contain a diverse assortment of heirloom vegetable seeds and medicinal herbs. The sets are tailored specifically for the Philippine climate which, when planted, are designed to produce enough food to feed a large family year-round, likely with excess that can be shared or sold.  Included with the package are easy instructions translated into the 3 major dialects spoken in the regions where the Typhoon struck. Also included are instructions for drying and saving a portion of each harvest which is intended to be used only in case of emergency.

*During this phase we also plan to have a team of permaculture specialists teaching courses in the area on organic farming, renewable energy, and more.

Transform Relief Website

Transform Relief Facebook Page

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