Before you make like a pair of too-tight jean shorts and split to warmer hemispheres or the cozy confines of your parents house for the Thanksgiving holidays, make sure you set aside some time to rage with LostinSound! On November 21st, our site’s official Launch Party-months in the making- is going down for one night only!

LostinSound began from scratch as a small blog where our crew could provide each other with hot new tracks, musicians, DJ’s, artists, and music event news. We all attained our music and info from various outlets: blogs, large online publications, artist webpages, and The Hype Machine. The blog was a way for us to concentrate our interests, learn strictly about the fresh music us and our friends thrived upon, and download the beats we were mashing up on Traktor. During the summer’s festival run we realized our common ambition to strive for more- to reach out to anyone involved in the up and coming social and music environment characterized by a synthesis of organic instrumentation and electronic ingenuity. Oh, and of course we finally decided to Use (Y)Our Heads! Each of our crew member’s individual skills in communication (Journalism/Advertising/Web Design) and musical backgrounds (IDM, Trance, Jam, Rock and Roll, Electro, and everything under the sun) made it clear that we needed to take our ideas to the next level.

Today, has grown to be a forum for live music/album reviews and artist spotlights built around our own multimedia (photography/videography/audio recording), as well as a place to schedule or buy tickets to upcoming shows and browse links of like-minded websites. Our growing team of writers work to provide our friends and the public with our own take on the best, freshest new music out there. We know we can’t cover all the styles and tastes of music, but we hope to do a comprehensive job of what we are most into at the time, while continuing to broaden our scope.

With help from our friends at Live 365 Events, the LostinSound/Use Your Head East Coast crew has put together an amazing night of non-stop heady music, eye popping artistry, and pure ragetastic fun. On November 21st, located at 171 Lombardy st. in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn, NY, the LiS Launch Party will be an 18+ event, $15 all night, starting at 9pm and going well past 4am (That’s at least 7 hours straight of thumpin and bumpin!)

To give you an idea of what to expect at the party, here are some short descriptions of the musical acts, and artists that will be performing on Saturday:




Supersillyus is Rob Uslan, a tripped out psychedelic electronic trip hop IDM producer/magician. Hailing from Los Angeles and currently based out of Allston, MA, he has created his own personal blend of the most interesting, crazy and unique music I’ve come across in recent years. One might describe it as supercilious. In my eyes these two coasts have shaped him into an electronic music connoisseur, who has been signed to Basetrip Records since 2008. Releasing a 3 track EP release in October for free download and recently opening for Eliot Lipp (under the moniker Dark Party) has established him as an up-and-coming artist to look out for. Living right next door and literally hearing the sound waves through the wall, I’ve noticed that each song has it’s own style and varying segments that don’t always connect. However, his music still feels cohesive and the plethora of new tracks he has been working on seem to be progressing. All of this diligent work has been in preparation for his full length CD “Grandpa Spaceshuttle”, slated for release in early 2010.

For the party attendees to get ready for the show Supersillyus simply stated, “Get ready for the most gleemen, steemen, sheenin, shinin motorbiiiike, to ride in n out yo ear holes alllll nite!” And I can tell you, with each live show he is expanding his horizons and gaining experience throwing it down! He loves raging it for parties and the live shows are entertaining in all aspects, rockin out on his laptop, timbales, congas and the infamous SAX-A-BOOOOMM! He is LAUNCHING the night off and sharing set breaks with Higher Nebulae until he finally closes out the evening. Each set promises to be slightly different than the others and appropriate for the specific time slot. When asked what to expect from the party he proclaimed, “HERE BE DRAGONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To become more familiar with what he’s doing and download his music, check out his myspace.

Illustrated Primer EP – FREE DOWNLOAD




When trying to plan a LostinSound Launch party we had to take into account personal and artistic biases. With that in mind one might find it difficult to select a setbreak DJ. However for us, it couldn’t have been easier – electing Charlie Brick as our man. With NYC as his playground he is a familiar and shining face on the EDM scene. He specializes in several genres, from Progressive House and Trance to the brave new world that is Dubstep. There is no doubt in any of our minds’ that Higher Nebulae has the musical library, stamina & experience to help throw one of the most memorable parties Brooklyn has seen in awhile. Check him out at





photo by David Korman

Jimkata is from Ithaca, NY and was recently described as “one of the best up-and-coming bands” by They have shared the bill with such acts as The Disco Biscuits, Snoop Dogg, Bob Weir and Ratdog, The Wailers and Umphrey’s McGee. Combining hair-raising rock and roll with an industrial touch of synthesizers, the sound has powerful momentum and their songs leave permanent impressions. While this four piece is inspired by the world of improvisational and progressive music, Jimkata focuses on song structure, textures, layers and vibrant lyrics. While the party was being setup – and the Jimkata set still up in the air – they realized that LiS and the bands’ M.O. are quite similar. Hence the reason they joined the bill as the opening band. After the talented opening DJ sets of the night, Jimkata will prove to be a great introduction as the first band of the night, and a taste of what it is we enjoy here at UseYourHeadquarters. Check out the review of their new album here on Lost in Sound, and enjoy the tracks below! Hopefully you guys become as excited as we are to host this quickly rising quartet.






DJ Logic, aka Jason Kibler, is a celebrated DJ famous for his innovative style. Born in the Bronx, he experienced the birth of hip-hop firsthand. However, when it comes to his personal producing style he doesn’t just stick to one genre, blending aspects of drum n bass, hip-hop, dub, funk and “scratching”. He loves teaming up with jazz and all other types of musicians, never limiting himself to a solo set. Previously working with bands like Phish, The Allman Brothers, Roberta Flack, Particle, Wu Tang Clan, Sun Ra Arkestra, EOTO, Ratdog, and Medeski, Martin & Wood some would say it’s time for a new collaboration party! And since Logic is no stranger to the jam/dance/party community, LostinSound quickly took advantage of the situation. Always down for fusing techniques, styles and genres, felt there would be no better way to launch our site than with a BioDiesel & DJ Logic collaboration! To put his success into perspective, In 2004 he broke new ground as the first DJ ever to sell out the famous Blue Note Jazz Club in NYC. Get a taste of some of his tracks below!





BioDiesel is the super duo of legendary drummer Johnny Rabb and bassist Clay Parnell of Brothers Past. On the percussion half of the band, Rabb is a pioneer of the freehand technique and has been coined in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Original World’s Fastest Drummer. He is able to perform live electronic dance music like no other and “his high rhythmic plateau is the foundation on which BioDiesel is constructed.” The other piece of the puzzle – who Rabb shares all writing & production responsibilities with- is the nationally known bassist, Clay Parnell. However, (not to take away from their studio masterpieces), their live show is where the band truly shines. Not only do they perform their originals, but BioDiesel is known to take the dance floor to the next level and bust out some crowd pleasing dance inducing covers. Also, it’s never a good idea to hastily assume that they will remain a duo in any such setting. (Check the list of musicians they’ve played with here.) With a party like this and a producer like Logic how could they refuse?!? Headlining what promises to be one hell of a night and an incredible experience for everybody, we are all looking forward to a non-stop dance party, Brooklyn loft style.






Melinda Natasha Ortiz is a graduate of the SUNY Purchase Visual Arts Conservatory. Although her previous works have been in bronze she is currently creating elaborate doodles in BIC ballpoint pen on paper. She is an aerial artist having trained cerceau with world-renowned trapeze artist Elena Panova. Ortiz also enjoys extreme bending and can be seen contorting around New York City on the pages of VICE magazine.

Painter Alida Frey’s current work evokes a voyeuristic pleasure in viewing single moments of joy. Within these moments the viewer is confronted with particular contradictions between eroticism and innocence, fantasy and reality, ecstasy and melancholy, the individual and every woman. Largely inspired by her childhood summers spent in the Adirondack mountains, her paintings revel in female mischievousness, excess, and self-indulgence. Originally from Virginia, Alida graduated from Boston University with a BFA in painting in 2009. She now lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Robbie Wenger is a Greenpoint, Brooklyn based photographer specializing in photos of graffiti, music festivals, night life, light art and beautiful humans. His work can be seen at

Sheauwei Pidd is a graduate from the School of Visual Arts. She works as a full time graphic artist and freelance illustrator. Starting out live painting at clubs and festivals, she picked up a hoop for the first time and never put it back down. Hooping became such a passion, she started to make her own hoops and teach classes. She hoops, paints, and teaches yoga. To find out more about Sheauwei visit her myspace here

Patrick Barragan is a second-year photography student at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. His images are a comment on the hypnotic mind-body quality of music through the use of light graffiti and dance motions. Some of his work can be viewed at

Michelle Silver is a painter and graphic designer based in Boston. Her erratic palette and use of contrasting colors and shapes- electrifying brights next to deep darks, soft shapes merging with abrupt angles- is often a visual interpretation of her musical influences. Her work can be seen here.

Yoga Performance Art all night by Rick Van Der Plas and Maryia Matveyeva!

$15 ALL NIGHT – 18+
Cash Bar Featuring a LostinSound Drink Special

171 Lombardy St. (venue info)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Take the L or G to the Lorimer Stop
Free Shuttle From Subway To Venue Every 15 Minutes

To RSVP to this event, send your name and how many tickets you want held at the door to:


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