Levitation Jones – Exclusive Mix 2015


Levitation Jones has been gaining a reputation for dropping unknown artists and mysterious bass music, all the while creating some serious rule bending tracks on his own.

Taking pride in making an entire crowd say “what song is this?!” on every transition, the Rhode Island artist hooks us up in this LostinSound.org exclusive with a beastly mix of originals, remixes, and some underground tunes he’s been feeling recently.

Be sure to catch him on the Made in Baltimore Tour as direct support for Soohan this April.

Levitation Jones – Exclusive Mix Tracklist:

(0:00) Eprom x Korby – Center of the Sun VIP vs. Termination (Levitation Jones Mashup)
(2:20) Orchestrobe – Untitled WIP
(3:33) BassComa – Overload (Levitation Jones Remix)
(5:16) Toadface – Sobernaut
(5:54) Levitation Jones – Steampunk Dreams (Gloomy Outlook)
(8:41) Eprom – Beasts of Babylon
(9:25) Levitation Jones – Space Car Driver
(12:03) Levitation Jones – See
(14:42) Wolf-e-Wolf – Star Sniper
(16:13) Wolf-e-Wolf – Star Sniper (Of the Trees Remix)
(17:53) Perkulat0r – Hydro
(19:29) Cloud-D – Astroproflex
(20:57) Levitation Jones – Date Night
(23:08) MickMan – Dissolution (Cuts by FCW)
(26:23) Levitation Jones – Freak Show
(27:29) Datsik – Nuke Em’
(28:24) The Widdler – Martian Ambassador
(29:46) Woolymammoth – LORD
(30:41) Roadsbeaf – Oldschool
(31:36) Levitation Jones – Creep
(33:53) Coffi – Gangstar Pups (Intro)
(36:10) G Jones x Mad Zach – Boss Levels
(37:54) Zeke Beats – Co-Motion
(38:50) Orchestrobe – Dripping
(41:40) Levitation Jones – Kermit Meets His Maker (Elmo Throws a Party)


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