Genius or Fascination?

Sometimes when I noodle around online, I see people labeling their favorite artist as a “musical genius.” Of course this carries over to other artistic realms (visual, mixed media, fashion, etc) and even rudimentary subjects like math and science. I understand that it might be a quick way to describe your love for an artist, and that is a beautiful thing. Things like this can be confidence builders and perhaps it’s this feedback loop that compels artists to create more art that has the ability to touch more people.

That said, I don’t subscribe to the idea that some people are geniuses and some people are not. What I do believe in is fascination. I believe human beings have the ability to become highly fascinated with things like art, music, math, science, etc. To me, “geniuses” are the people who have gone extremely far down the rabbit hole of their own fascination.

The playing field is completely level when it comes to fascination. You have it. I have it. Everyone has it. You know that feeling of awe, wonder, and amazement? That desire to explore something? That’s fascination. The question is, how deep is one willing to go down the rabbit hole of fascination? What sacrifices is one willing to make to continue their journey toward the depths of their own fascination? Seems to me, the deeper you explore your fascination the more of a “genius” you will become.

Better yet, I would love to embrace the idea that all human beings are geniuses, and that the fascination of some of individuals is just hibernating right now.


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