The Russ Liquid Mixes

Let me introduce you to Russ Liquid, horn player, bassist, producer – a new breed of jazz man based in Portland. His music is melodic and diverse, highly emotional and charged with a constantly shifting energy. He creates new hybrids of sound, flowing from dubstep to classical to electro space jazz to acid crunk.

Another Portal Patch discovery along with Scuzzy, his style is fresh and sophisticated, but still has a street edge and beats no dancer can resist. Keep your eye on this guy, he’s just getting started and has a real talent for composition, combining vastly different elements smoothly. He is half of Bounce Brigade along with Freak Funk, making fun, eclectic party beats.

The mixes below capture his range of styles and innovative spirit. They each have their own sound and combine different elements of electronica in captivating ways, all the way through. Mixing ominous and playful moments with jazz horn interludes and animal sounds, Russ guides us through a gripping amalgamation of modern music.

Get real familiar with these:


(Mid/Downtempo Masterpiece)

Russ Liquid Soundcloud Mix

(Classical Meets Dubstep)

Neon Cheetahs Mix

(Sassy Electro-Hop)

Grab his most recent Minimix and his new album, Purple here:

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