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The multi-talented Kris Northern out of Portland, OR, is one of the greatest minds in the music industry. Creating as phidelity, the prolific producer tries his hand at every genre out there, from House to Dubstep to Funk, Uptempo dance to Downtempo chill-out. A developing producer of strange, glitchy concoctions, he is a staple of northwest sound, a popular blogger and tastemaker.

Having shared the stage with a long list of legends and traveled the world documenting his adventures in words and pictures, he has emerged as quite an interesting character, a brave artist, unabashed geek and fascinating open book. Check out TONS of his mixes, photos and ideas at

I’m shocked he’s not on everyone’s playlist with his consistency and diversity. At his best, he’s funky and eclectic, mixing guitars with modern and retro electronica. phidelity does something new with every mix, creating a different atmosphere and feel, searching out fresh beats, most of which I haven’t heard before. Exploring the far reaches of the earth and it’s music scene, he brings us the most interesting and stunning samples that he finds.

Refreshingly inventive and intimidatingly intelligent, he works tirelessly to achieve all that he does and was fully committed to his various crafts long before any recognition came; he is still much too obscure considering his talents, probably due to his relative lack of touring. Possessed of a rare understanding of both the technical/digital/organic/ analog worlds, he is a priceless asset to those of us trying to establish bass music and culture as valid and respectable artforms.

Here’s about 10 HOURS of my favorite phidelity mixes to stream and/or download. Get Down!



Basstream Mix 2011 for

Live on WNUR Chicago 10.21.05

Live at Chrometoast Seattle, 11.20.08



Lowcool Mix

Amphibian Mix

The Dreamer and the Dreamed


The space-age renaissance man is also an avid photographer and visual artist, focusing on computer-generated graphics including fractals and psychedelic art. Check out this beautiful video he made for Rena Jones and some of his artwork below:


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