Exin Interview & Exclusive LiS Mix

David Dolan is an artist, musician, and student A/V engineer who has established a vibrant collection of sounds and music under his moniker Exin. His live set consists of entirely original material, field recordings, and thought provoking speeches.

[LiS] What mossy rock have you been hiding under all this time working on these tunes?

[Exin] I tend to be a bit of a shut-in, especially when I’m feeling creative. I have friends, family, and a girlfriend who understand it, or at least tolerates it. But I have been around making the occasional ruckus at festivals and clubs. I’ll continue to do so, making more noise as my confidence and skills grow.

What attracted you to music production, and how did you obtain most of your knowledge?

I’ve played piano since I can remember and picked up guitar, bass, and a number of odd instruments in high school. After that, I enrolled as a digital film major in Boston. I thought I wanted to edit films which is very similar to arranging and mixing in DAW’s. I’ve shifted majors since, and am currently finishing up my Bachelors of Science in sound for motion picture. The attraction was inevitable for me, and the knowledge just followed. Some came through formal training like piano lessons and school; the rest, and probably majority of it was through repetition, practice, and youtube tutorials.

How long have you been producing and how did you get your start?

Maybe since the end of 2009? I believe I got my start on a friends computer using Garage Band to make what I can only imagine were awful bits of cinematic music. I enjoyed working with audio and eventually got my hands on a copy of Fruityloops. I think that was when I started realizing I could put something enjoyable together.

How many hours on average goes into a single track?

I don’t know. The good ones happen quickly, but often are hard to call finished. If the foundation of a song isn’t completed within a 24 hour window, it gets scrapped for parts.

What DAW do you prefer and why?

Logic. Ableton Live comes in at a close second though, and even more so now that I find myself collaborating with other artists. Pro Tools is also great fun to use, but I only ever feel the need to use it when I’m recording a band.

What does your current live setup look like?

It involves a computer running Ableton Live 9, an APC40, a 25 Key Studio, a Kaosspad Pro, and a mixer.

What does Exin mean?

It’s just a name. It means external-internal. Don’t worry about it though, I’ve been introduced as Exxon before.

Who is your major non-electronic music inspiration?


Who does your album/website design?

I’ve been doing it all thus far. I do however, as mentioned, have a pending release that has cover art by the out of this world oil painter, Cody Seekins. Please check out his website Codyseekins.com!






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