Q&A and Exclusive Mix from EMOG

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, veteran musician/producer Emile V. a.k.a. EMOG has submitted an absolute gem of a mixtape. His lush textural sound design and entrancing dubbed rhythms have made him a regular at Shambhala Music Festival and many of our favorite outdoor music festivals. For listeners of Quanta and Birds of Paradise, EMOG is a sure bet.

Tracklisting: All tracks produced by EMOG

01 – A feeling for my life
02 – Elevate
03 – Love so strong
04 – Blue Dolphin
05 – Orca
06 – Closer to me
07 – Clear Vision
08 – Sky Diamond
09 – Crystal & Ice
10 – The Blessing

emog graphicWhere are you from?

I am from Vancouver , BC, Canada.

Tell us how you found electronic production.

Started as a musician at a very young age. I learned how to play piano and then moved on to a guitar.
Played with several rock groups during my teen years. At some point, I discovered that with electronic music I’m able to play all parts of the music by myself using different instruments.

What is the music scene like where you’re from?

Vancouver has a vast music scene, but the majority is in electronic music. There are lots of summer festivals in BC promoting all kinds of electronic music including ShambhalaBass Coast, Diversity, etc.

Where do you usually play gigs?

I usually play at transformational events, indoor or outdoors, and sometimes at night clubs within the psychedelic music scene.

What DAW do you produce with?

I use Ableton Live to produce my music along with external instruments.

Describe your studio/production setup.

Apple Mac, Axiom Midi Keyboard, Access Virus Synth, Roland Monitors, AKG Headphones, Yamaha classical guitar, Avid Mbox Audio interface.

Describe your preferred live set up.

A Funktion 1 Sound system.

Link us to a few artists that you feel represent a similar sound to EMOG.

Martin’s Garden, Atyya, Birds of Paradise.

[What are a few of your favorite FREE VSTs or plugins.


If you could play anywhere, where would it be?

No specific festival or country, I would play anywhere with beautiful people appreciating music and arts.

If you could play a show with anyone who would it be?

Atyya and Goopstepper.

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