The Blissful Idiot Disclaimer

Disclaimer: The following is raw data collected as part of a human behavioral analysis study titled “The Blissful Idiot” project. This program is being conducted by an unnamed, 3rd party group in cooperation with the online publication, Lost in Sound. Below is the real life account of a test subject discerningly chosen from a national pool of candidates. Common characteristics among potential candidates were much higher than average social conditioning, erratic attention spans, short-term memory issues and unpredictable behavior. Although appearing to be in remission, our subject has previously taken on delusions of grandeur, claiming to have written for Glitter magazine as well as telepathic communication with the partial fecal matter of hip-hop sensation Kanye West.

The goal of this social experiment is to assess any positive and/or detrimental long-term effects of said test subject’s exposure to autonomous “safe zones,” also conventionally referred to as “music festivals” and “festivals.” After thorough consideration, “Burning Man,” a temporary city of approximately 70,000 residents located in the Black Rock desert of Nevada, was selected as the appropriate site for this round of evaluation.

In order to thoroughly gather his observations, recollections and possible hallucinations, test subject has been provided with a journal notepad, digital audio recorder, camera and a writing utensil he fondly refers to as “Mr. Fluffy pen.” With that said, we do not endorse the accuracy or reliability of any statements, opinions, assertions or other information disseminated in this journal. Herein lies a completed entry that has been officially cleared for you, the public, to attempt to decipher and consume at your own risk.

Yes, this is real.