About LostinSound.org

If you’d like to contribute as a journalist in the form of a review, interview, or editorial contact our Editor-in-Chief, Richard “Ranchsauce” Guerra at richard.lostinsound@gmail.com. If you would like to submit your music for exclusive release, review or to be promoted via the LIS network, please check out our submissions page: www.lostinsound.org/music-submissions .We also offer internship opportunities for those who wish to join the team! ♥ UYH ♬

LostinSound.org, LLC is a digital music magazine, operating on the principles of Gonzo journalism. We have a .org domain because we are a collective organization, valuing the transparent and collaborative environment that we operate within.

We act as a filter, sorting through millions of tracks, mixes, and videos to bring forth the best of live music and festival culture. Featuring artist interviews, cultural editorials, album reviews, free downloads, exclusive compilations, live recorded sets, and our own YouTube and SoundCloud channels, LostinSound.org is your resource to link up with like-minded people and music that can change your life.

We’re highly regarded for our multimedia event promotion and coverage. Whether it’s distributing posters and flyers through our nationwide street teams, or putting your event on blast to dozens of forums, event sites and social networks, Lost in Sound has got you covered. From massive festivals to underground warehouse parties, our team provides unparalleled event promotion and coverage from coast to coast. We have provided our services to countless artists such as STS9 and EOTO, and to management and production companies small and large. We offer a variety of service packages that are customizable for each event.

During the 2009 summer festival run, we realized our common ambition to strive for more – to encourage everyone in the live music community to USE YOUR HEAD! We believe in raging responsibly, and spread this message through our bright red pins, which you can find at shows and festivals around the world. We spread the spirit of community at festivals with our geodesic dome, which has hosted live music, visual projections, poetry, live painting, and performance art at major music festivals such as Envision, Sonic Bloom and Movement.

I think we have all had the experience of losing ourselves in music. Where you are just taken away into the sound. And then where are you? Where are ‘YOU’? When you’re not there, that IS ultimate reality. That’s what we mean. It’s so beautiful; it’s around us all the time, it’s available to us all the time.

-Lama Marut