Younger Brother – Night Lead Me Astray EP

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Younger Brother – Pound a Rhythm

Younger Brother – Night Lead Me Astray (Younger Brother Remix)

Ruu Campbell - Photo© Cussell

Younger Brother, once a heavy hitting experimental Trance band, are maturing into something more important. YB is the brainchild of Twisted Records’ Simon Posford (Shpongle, Hallucinogen) & Benji Vaughan (Prometheus). So far they have produced two well received full-length albums together, “A Flock of Beeps” and “The Last Days of Gravity.” In 2009 they evolved into a live band supergroup, with the addition Marc Brownstein (bass) Joe Russo (drums) Tommy Hamilton (guitar) and Ruu Campbell (vocals). In Campbell, Posford and Vaughan have finally found a worthy lead vocalist to accompany their ingenious composition.

A successful US Tour and headlining spot at Camp Bisco 8 have compelled Younger Brother to transpose their live instrumentation into the studio. Personally, I am excited to see what other notable international musicians the group has called upon to create their upcoming third album in London’s Battery Studios.

This week Younger Brother gave the world a taste of what’s to come with their sure to be groundbreaking record, “Vaccine” (due out in the Spring). The “Night Lead Me Astray” EP is the group’s first album since 2007 and consists of three versions of the title track, “Night Lead Me Astray,” a Cicada (British live electronica band) remix of the classic track “All I Want,” and a new song, “Pound a Rhythm.” The EP is currently Number 10 on the U.S. Dance Charts and Younger Brother has just surpassed 100% on their pledge page! I have been playing through the tracks repeatedly and am finding myself humming the melodies often, a good sign. will continue to keep you updated on the band and “Vaccine” as they come.

Younger Brother Live at MoogFest 2010 Photo© Cussell

Night Lead Me Astray EP Tracklist

1. Night Lead Me Astray (Radio Edit) 3:48
2. Night Lead Me Astray (Full Version) 5:06
3. Pound A Rhythm 5:36
4. All I Want (Cicada Remix) 9:05
5. Night Lead Me Astray (Younger Brother Remix) 7:57

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*First look at the album artwork by Storm Thurgeoson for “Vaccine”*

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Simon Posford - Photo© Cussell

Younger Brother at MoogFest 2010 – Pictures by Nicole Cussel @

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