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Undoubtedly, Xender for laptop has totally revolutionized the way sharing of files was done. Between those slow and irritating Bluetooth file transfers and the revolution in the software industry, out came solutions of many issues which were earlier not present. In fact, Xender for PC not only eased the transfer of files from mobile to mobile but also from laptop to mobile. Rather than connecting a data cable and struggling to get connectivity, with Xender all you need to do is to just turn on the connectivity and you can easily share files between a computer and mobile phone. It`s promotes total wireless share of files.

In fact, Xender is a totally multipurpose platform application that has been launched for both mobile and computers. Moreover, sharing files with the application Xender isn’t a complex task, all you need to do is to just create a group that your friends will join to send/receive files or you may also opt for joining a friend`s group that has been recently created. In both the cases, you can easily share files.

With apps like Xender coming in the market, sharing of files between devices has simply been eased. It has put an end to all the traditional ways of file sharing (like bluetooth sharing) that consumed enormous time and were long and tedious. The files that earlier took hours to transfer now get transferred in minutes.

Downloading Xender for laptop

Xender for laptop, is one of the most downloaded apps in the world and with more than 10 million downloads and a rating of 4.3 it has found its way in every smart and iphone. It can be downloaded for both Android and IOS smartphones and both windows and MAC for PC. For downloading this application on laptop, you need to install bluestacks in your system, and then download the application Xender in it. Here is a free guide on downloading Xender application on laptop:

  • First download the files of bluestack from the official website and install it
  • Open the windows store application and search in it for Xender application
  • Start the download of Xender from windows store
  • After the download of Xender, open the files.
  • Transfer of Files from Laptop to phone and vice versa

For completing the downloading process of Xender app, you first need to install the android emulator; bluestacks file to complete the downloading process. If you are wanting to share files between your laptop and mobile phones ,you can go to the official website of Xender, scan the QR code, and then share the files. Here is a quick guide on transfer of files:

First go to web.xender.com.
Now in your smartphone, select the “connect to PC” option
You will get to see the QR code on your laptop screen and square on your mobile, when you click on the option of connect to PC.
Now adjust the square of your mobile so that it fits in the QR code perfectly
After this, your smartphone and laptop are connected and you can easily share files between them.

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