Use Your Head

We encourage everyone in the live music community to USE YOUR HEAD! We believe in raging responsibly, and spread the message through our bright red pins, which you can find at shows and festivals globally. Using Your Head means being a conscious, responsible member of the community surrounding the music you love… and cultivating awareness while expanding your consciousness.

If you’d like to contribute, contact our Editor-in-Chief at ♥ UYH ♬

*DISCLAIMER: is intended to spread knowledge and give good music the exposure it deserves. This community is filled with a ton of backs, and they all could use some scratching. We ask that if you enjoy what you read about, hear, listen to, or observe, please support the artist full circle. You can do this by attending their live shows, purchasing their merch, buying their music, or joining a street team. LiS does not condone copyright infringement and everything we post is for promotional purposes. If you are an artist who has an original piece on our site that you would like us to remove, please email and we will immediately fulfill your request. Karma’s a Bitch – Use Your Head! ~The LiS Team