Camp Bisco 9 Artist Spotlight: Two Fresh Interview

If you are a Disco Biscuits fan, or at least attended Camp Bisco 8 this past summer, you are probably familiar with the name Two Fresh. The trio took the stage between Pretty Lights and Sound Tribe Sector 9 in the early hours of day 2 at Camp Bisco for a 7,000+ crowd at the tent stage. As the smooth, electronic beats and live drums melodically pumped through the tent, the crowd was instantly gratified. Weeks later, coming off their explosive performance, they dropped their first album “The Bakers Dozen” on Sound Tribe Sector 9’s 1320 Records. The album truly is a classic baker’s dozen, serving up 13 tracks of masterfully blended jazz, funk, soul, and hip-hop with stunning synth chords and swagger friendly bass sections. Following the release, Two Fresh joined the Disco Biscuits during September of this year’s heavy Biscuits fall tour. It’s safe to say that Two Fresh is on the move with no intention of slowing down anytime soon. LostinSound spoke with twins Sherwyn and Kendrick Nicholls and drummer Colby Buckler.

Colby Buckler:

1. How long have you been playing the drums?

My grandfather played drums and got my dad started up when he was three, and my dad did the same with me. He got me started in a lot of jazz and I eventually evolved into many other styles.

2. When you aren’t playing drums with Two Fresh, what kind of music do you usually play?

When i get a chance to play by myself, I usually play breakbeats and a lot of fast paced stuff. I play a very wide variety of styles not easily put into a category. I just play what I’m feelin at the time. I try to work my rudiments as much as possible.

3. Who are your biggest influences?

I stumbled upon Breakscience with Adam Deitch at Trinumeral this year an was blown away. Been checking out a lot of Adam’s stuff since then, his style is really unique. Dennis Chambers has also been a big influence of mine since I was little. Johnny Rabb is also a huge influence. My old drum teacher taught him the hour before my lesson and he used to give me sticks every week. When I finally checked him out, I had no idea he was as good and well known as he is. He definitely opened my mind to a whole new world of drumming.

4. Where, in your opinion, was the best show/festival you’ve played?

At Camp Bisco we played between Pretty lights and STS9 in front of 7,000 people. That was huge for us. A week later we played Wicker Park Festival in Chicago, IL for 4,000. As far as headlining shows goes, we just got 500 people in Baton Rouge, LA on a Thursday. Pretty good for never having played in Baton Rouge before.

5. How long have you and the twins known each other? When were you recruited to join Two Fresh?

We grew up together in Nashville, TN. The twins and I got really close a couple years ago, when we started playing a lot more music together. The twins played a lot of house parties in the summer of ’08, and I set up and played with them at a few. They ended up adding me on in late November ’08 and we started touring in January ’09.

…and the production geniuses, Kendrick and Sherwyn Nicholls:

1. Musically, who are some of your greatest influences?

Some influences include J Dilla, 9th Wonder, Pnuma Trio, and our homey Jables. The list really goes long because of the amount of producers there are out there, as well as old soul and funk musicians.

2. When was Two Fresh added to the 1320 Records Family? And how would you describe your experience so far since becoming a part of the label?

We were added to 1320 records in September- they were kind enough to help us drop our first release ” The Baker’s Dozen.” Being on the label is awesome, we’ve met so many artists we never thought we would get to kick it with, and share knowledge with. It’s also really cool to see all the different styles of music everyone’s into. Definitely broadens our musical tastes as well.

3. There seems to be a lot of collaborating amongst the 1320 Records crew. Are there any plans for collaboration with you guys?

We never really plan stuff like that, but its always dope to play music with your friends : ) The collabs won’t stop, its what keeps us musicians fresh and on something new.

4. What would you say was your best show experience last summer?

Man, opening for the Disco Biscuits at the Tabernacle in Atlanta was mad uplifting for all of us. We’d all three grown up going to that place seeing Sector 9, and last year our homies Pnuma Trio played there. Can’t use enough words to describe the satisfaction of even standing on stage at that venue, let alone playing our music for an audience there.

5. Are there any big plans for the future?

We’ve got a lot of really exciting things in the works. Check out and our brand new blog

Make sure to check out Two Fresh at Camp Bisco 9 alongside acts such as Thievery Corporation, LCD Soundsystem, Ween, The Disco Biscuits, Pretty Lights and more. Look for the LostinSound/Use Your Head crew raging the front row, ask us for a UYH pin and you just might find yourself in our post-event crowd coverage!

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