Track of the Week: Pendulum – Set Me On Fire

Australian electronic rock/drum & bass band, Pendulum, released this massive track on their 2010 album “IMMERSION” which was wildly regarded as the best DnB/Rock/Electro fusion album of the year, if not of all time. However, this track in particular has a bit more hype behind it and was not initially well received by die hard old school fans. Supposedly, not even a few days before Winter Music Conference in Miami, they had a bunch of dub-plates pressed- one of which found its way into the hands of the ever popular BBC Radio DJ Mistajam. After dropping this exclusive tune on the airwaves, it became a record selector’s staple at WMC and everyone wanted it in their sets and collections. After the full album dropped, this track became overshadowed by the entire genius that can only be described as “Pendulum” but it still remains my favorite.

Pendulum – Set Me On Fire

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