TotW: Bassnectar & iLL Gates Remix! Bonus: Nectar Rages Atlantic City 4/16/11

Not that he ever fell off, but on a personal level, Bassnectar took a sort of hiatus from being relevant or something I constantly listen to. Last weekend he destroyed Atlantic City proper, and not even a Midnight curfew on the show could crush my spirits. Well maybe a little bit, but thats the beauty of being in AC! You can party ’till the other 12….aka Noon. So that we did. [Read more about the AC show below, while you bump our TotW]

This week’s track is very Bassnectar relevant and is a release from iLL Gates‘ newsletter. These dudes are bringin’ us the HEAT with this, when this April so desperately needs it! Malente & Dex provide the original, with Nectar & Gates doing what they do best – re edit and “bassify” already dope tracks…Bringing out a different and even better side to them.

The original is a dancehall reggae club banger. It starts with your thumping 4/4 kick and introduces the Lion snarl, hence the title of the track. It also struck me as weird that the subtle little synth riff  (used during some transitions) sounds exactly like a Bassnectar chimed and effected synth. Now iLL & Nectars bring us a slamming dubstep rendition. The track doesn’t only rely on the actual lion rawr to give us a hint as to why the track name is named so. Instead, they use a drawn out envelope and a womp that can only mean business, to re-create a digital version of a Lion Rawr. Powerful it is.

Malente & Dex – Lions (Bassnectar & iLL.Gates Remix)

Bassnectar Atlantic City 4/16/11 (w/ Elliot Lipp)

Some Thoughts: I dont like large dubstep shows. I think it takes away from the experience of what truly getting down to some dirty dubstep is all about. It also brings out all the little kiddies. However, this show was sick, and Bassnectar is one of the acts I can make an exception to that rule for. Maybe because  hes not strictly dubstep? Maybe because he doesn’t do the screeching, robotic step? Maybe because hes ‘Nectar and is original, creative, unique and throws it the foxx down!?!?!!!!! The buildup and heavy drops were just so epic and smashing. One could feel the crowd anticipation and release, along with the sway and breathing of the 2nd tier, similar to a suspension bridge. This could be attributed to the entire crowd doing the Nectar head bob, with one hand in the air and raging up and down back and forth as if we all had extremely long hair like we were at a metal show. The light show was amazing and the visuals as good as any I’ve seen. He even waited 10 minutes into the set to release the full spectrum of visual onslaught. At one point he had giant slot machines on all the screens as if we had all just put a quarter in and pulled the rage lever. One thing that would have been extremely epic would have been a Pink Floyd “Money” Bassnectar edit, since we were in Atlantic City. But, I can’t complain when such an epic performance was right in front of us.

[cincopa AQFAXlKUdUm_]

Some of the Tracks and Hooks He Played (in no particular order):

[Opening track]: Willy Wonka (old school version) – Re edit; tripped out and dark.

[into]: Brave – kelis remix

Big L – small samples/hooks

Wu Tang – samples including ODB- “Raw”

Skrillex tracks

metal song [id?] into Bass Head

Blow Remix

Ellie Golden – Lights (remix)

Daladubz – Pink Elephants


Yes (Nectar & Datsik)

Higher and Higher

Wildstyle Method

Brought some hard/fast DnB

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