SOOHAN – “Volume Twohan”

SOOHAN is back at it with his second full length album, Volume Twohan. His debut album Made In Baltimore made a giant splash, garnering over 250,000 plays on SoundCloud in four short months. The widespread popularity of the album earned a slew of press coverage, with features on major outlets including The UntzYour EDM and ThisSongSlaps, multiple collaborations with well established producers, and a main stage set at the notorious Emissions West Coast Bass Festival. He was signed by Re:Evolution Booking Agency, home to acts such as Love and Light, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, and David Starfire.
soooThe tracks on Volume Twohan still pay homage to the mighty 808 kick, but it’s his unique and extensive sample selection that makes this album special. He takes us on a multi-faceted journey across the globe and into the past, pulling from the traditional music of various cultures, and from the depths of our nostalgia.
Although he hails from the East, his sound is particularly resonant with the West Coast bass culture hyphy-silly-sacred-wompy-hippie-booty-trap scene, which you’ll find dominating most underground electronic shows. He somehow tapped into this subculture from across the country, and perfectly encapsulated its entire vibe with these two albums – even more so on Volume Twohan.
Perhaps in rebellion against the typically darker, more serious roots of dubstep and bass music, Soohan’s bass music is refreshingly ridiculous. While maintaining the gravity and integrity of deep bass and profound sounds, he’s able to somehow make the a recording of monks chanting feel right at home with the theme song to Inspector Gadget. Although it’s so much more than a mashup album, its important to note how outrageous and amazing the mashups on this album are – taking you totally by surprise, leaving your head spinning as unlikely worlds seamlessly collide.
Although you can’t stream it on SoundCloud due to copyright issues, do NOT miss out on downloading the hidden track, a remix of The Beatles‘ “Within You and Without You.” It’s an absolute gem. Another favorite is Simcha – Airtist (SOOHAN’s “Shake Dem Dreads” Remix). This song perfectly represents Soohan’s overall groove – skillfully produced, outrageous, absurd, freaky as hell, and totally amazing.
What does SOOHAN have in store for us this time? Press play and find out. 
Volume Twohan on SoundCloud

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