Signal Path – Souls Unswayed Review


Whether you’re headed back to school, back to work, or some other form of reality, there’s nothing better than welcoming the fall season with free beats from Signal Path. If you haven’t caught on by now, the Colorado based dance trio is releasing an EP each time the seasons change. Ryan Burnett (guitar/production), Matt Schumacher (bass/synths) and Damon Metzner (drums) have said goodbye to summer and hello to fall with Souls Unswayed, the third installment of their quadrILLogy.

Unlike their summer EP Minds Make Lights, this autumnal installment seems to coincide with Mother Nature’s ways. A cool breeze has filled the air while the leaves change color awaiting their inevitable descent. I get a sense of nostalgia around this time unlike that of any other season. Ahhh, fall again- time to enjoy the hell out of myself before the harsh weather comes. Souls Unswayed is deservingly atop my playlist for this time of year as glitched synths, soothing guitar riffs, and fresh drumbeats narrate my every move.



The range of styles shown on this EP is more evidence of the flexibility and talent we have come to expect from Signal Path.  Souls Unswayed starts off with a lot of energy on the first few tracks, and gets progressively relaxed towards the end. The second track, The Mentality, has got the Satellite Man Stamp of Approval. This track wobbles with funky bass, hypnotic riffs, and deep sensual vocals. The production is seamless as Burnett blends genres once again, proving that Signal Path can really get down.

Signal Path – The Mentality

Signal Path – Crossing The Rubicon

The closing title track, Souls Unswayed, takes a different approach to ending the album. Instead of mimicking their previous work and finishing off the EP with a hard and heavy beat, this track is more of a downtempo melodic jam that retells the listeners that Signal Path can change their style with ease. Souls Unswayed has been helping me celebrate the Fall equinox as I now look forward to their winter installment. There’s just something about live instrumentation- while Signal Paths has got that down, they also experiment with creative bass sounds.

Signal Path – Activated

Signal Path – Soul’s Unswayed

Signal Path – It’s All The Same

Signal Path – Change Like The Weather (Make It Mo’ Better)

Come support the band as they hit the northeast over the next few days!

Thu 10/13/11 – Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, New York

Fri 10/14/11 – Canal Club Downstairs
Richmond, Virginia

Sat 10/15/11 – Stella Blue
New Haven, CT

Use Your Head

-Satellite Man




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