My Best Day + Raindance Campout 2012

Knowing what has been your favorite day is like picking your favorite crayon in the box. The big box. So many beautiful ones to choose from. I’ve done it though- my favorite day, thus far, was at a small electronic music festival in Northern California. It happened during Raindance Campout, on a day spent at the pool stage, from sunrise to beyond sunset. Little John, a DJ and mastermind behind Raindance Presents, is the perfect party engineer. He is the scientist of soiree. The expert of epic events.

In the first morning hours, Little John brought the beats. I took a dip in the hot tub for a while, and my best day was born. Dancing in the pool, there was a rainbow ring around the sun. Not a psychedelic imaginary rainbow either. A rainbow as true as time. It was sort of like a rainbow eclipse. The dancefloor near the DJ setup was under a canopy that provided shade but also allowed the sun in. I wish more events would have this, since it allows for the best of both worlds. It let in the light while still maintaining comfort. The air was full of love – so vast, so thick. If you needed a break from dancing, you could lounge back and let your heart swim through the sea of great vibes and ear to ear grins.


Some of the DJ’s that made my best day possible were:


Majitope Soundcloud

 Majitope Vinyl Mash Mix



Smasheltooth Tiger & The Pirate

Smasheltooth Bitches and Bridges Mix



Mozaic Music



Buckner Music


Subsonic Drops (the 16 year-old prodigy to watch out for)

Subsonic Drops Soundcloud


Little John

Little John Music


Fort Knox Five

Fort Knox Five Soundcloud


Bass Science

Bass Science Soundcloud

The Main Stage, with the Funktion-1’s, hosted an all-star lineup and intricate, vibrant visuals, while the Heart Stage provided an intimate indoor sanctuary with a shiny wooden floor you could glide on like ice. Tea and heart-to-hearts were flowing heavily all weekend amidst Ronjon’s crystal haven. Workshops, a swimming pool, a hayride artcar, plenty of shade… and most of all, astoundingly fun people… these were all part of the perfect party equation. Thank you everyone.

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