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February 1st, 2011

Jeff Bujak

Jeff Bujak is a Northampton, MA based keyboardist/producer/composer who has fathered a new style of Intelligent Dance Music (IDM) that dives deep in the waters of complex live electronica. Following no rules or boundaries with his songwriting, tied with his fathomless talent of live improvisation, Bujak is carving a new path in the music scene one live performance at a time. Bujak’s newest full-length release on Harmonized Records, “Alive Like the Spine” tests and pushes the walls of what’s being done in the electronica community and crosses into classical, progressive rock and jazz territories to create something truly fresh, smart and original. Finally, something different.

EJ3 Robot (Fameless Fam

EJ3 robot is a musical aficionado of sorts, who uses keyboards, guitars, samples and looping devices to produce unique blends of funk, trip hop, jazz, blues, trance and jam rock, while also invading and meshing other genres of electronic music . In a live setting, EJ3 captivates audiences with his improvisational method of creating inventive grooves and building exploratory jams from scratch.

Feb 8th, 2011


D.V.S* (aka Derek VanScoten) is a Brooklyn based Guitarist/ Producer. Some people have used the terms “Brightstep,” Glo-Fi”, and “Soulgaze” to describe his music. He warms hearts with his melodies, and dancefloors with his Beats.

Over the last year, D.V.S* has spent considerable time on the road with the likes of Bluetech, Big Gigantic, Ana Sia, Beats Antique, Boombox and Alex B, Papadosio, and EOTO.

No stranger to the live band scene, he has also performed with DJ Logic, Devotchka, and The Motet.

In 2011, D.V.S* will release a new full length album in 4 increments at, Each phase will unleash a few more tunes, and a new segment of the album’s artwork by Guillaume Bonte (Paris, France). He will also release a “Remix of the Month” available at

Brian Haas of JFJO says “”The D.V.S* album, ‘Before I Sing’, combines beautiful melodies, super fat beats, jazz guitar power, and lush horn harmonies into true, relevant psychedelic trip hop. The vocal samples are tasteful, emotional and spiritual colors that take the human voice into a melodic fragment world reminiscent of late Miles Davis trumpet work. The record tells a story from beginning to end, has a musical arc from first track to last track and employs real theme and development within each composition. Very positive sounds from a unique, new voice in modern music….highly recommended.”


Supersillyus is an electronic musician and producer based in Allston, MA. His music is a genre-bending adventure through psychedelic dub. He has opened for acts such as Hallucinogen, Conspirator, Archnemesis, EOTO, DJ Logic, and Alex B (of Pnuma Trio). His first full length release, Grampaspaceshuttle, tickled the ears of the electronic community, earning him a spot on’s Top 5 Newcomer Albums of 2010.

He has spent… the past year and three months meticulously crafting his second record, “Tesselations,” which will be released this March on Base Trip Records. The result is an epic double album that will allow listeners to explore highly evolved and extensively layered soundscapes while shaking it to a tasty mix of tribal drums, swirling synths, and the occasional marimba solo.

To give fans a taste of things to come, he is releasing ME(meta)TATRON, an exclusive preview of “Tesselations” which features three tracks off the album as well as a remix, and a bonus track which won’t be found anywhere else.

Listen/Download ME(meta)TATRON for FREE at

Don’t miss the official album release party at Wonder Bar on March 2!


David Dolan (EXIN) is a Boston based artist, producer, and performer. With a focus on establishing rich environments and heavy bass sounds its hard to place him under any one genre. Over the course of 2010 his repertoire has evolved into an exciting musical collection with a very distinct theme and mood. Wrapping up the year playing along side long time inspiration, Eskmo, made 2010 a very humbling year for David. Now in 2011, EXIN has a new album awaiting release and tons more material on its way!

For more album release details and general updates visit:

Feb 15th, 2011


Tremourz is the pseudonym for Matt Simmers: A Songwriter, engineer and producer for several electronic acts such as Terravita and Hot Pink Delorean.

He is the mastering engineer for Reid Speed’s PLAY ME records as well as an artist on the label. He has already had 3 songs hit the Beatport Dubstep Top 10 charts.

Dj Digi

Born in Russia now based in Boston, Dj Digi is affiliated with such crews as HOMEBASS, LTD Unlimited, Rare Form, and True Crew. He has shared a stage with such acts as NERO, DATSIK, AK1200, Micro, DJ Dan, Dara, Richard Vission, Savoy, and many others. Dj Digi spins all types of dubstep but his main focus is bass heavy reggae influenced beats.

Feb 22nd, 2011

Ample Mammal (AKA The Polish Ambassador)

An expert composer of glitchy vocals, mashed-up beats and strong, catchy synth melodies, San Franciso-based Ample Mammal (David Sugalski, aka The Polish Ambassador) is quickly becoming the West Coast, more sophisticated version of Girl Talk – a one man, eight channel master of mixing samples, kinetic beats, sliced up vocals and elegant atmospheric effects and crescendos. Unlike Girl Talk, however, Sugalski’s music is primarily original material, but heavy with mashed-up sounds and samples that are tweaked to near unrecognizability, ala The Chemical Brothers.

Known for his energetic live laptop/midi sets as The Polish Ambassador – bouncing up and down in a signature vintage Swiss jumpsuit, (which he’s considering insuring) and using 5-7 channels – Ample Mammal’s debut 14-track album demonstrates Sugalski’s typical intense vitality and animal charm. However, “Mating Season” is a more varied, downtempo departure from his more high-energy, kitchy alter ego The Polish Ambassador. The jumpsuit is gone and the songs exhibit a more intelligent and intricate artistry.

The track titles are ripe with science references. And, the mixology, concoctions and cutting and splicing are evident in each track. If a science lab project and an after-hours underground party collided, it might sound like Ample Mammal.

Already getting heavy play on Pandora and local Bay Area radio stations including Berkeley’s KALX, Ample Mammal is bringing his highly unique sound to the oft-times formulaic and duplicitous electronic dance genre. And, he’s poised to find his infectious dance music and live performances embraced by a larger International audience.


Up and coming in the Boston dubstep scene, Krallspace (Alex Krall) has been providing a wide array of dubbed out and hip-hop oriented rhythms that has been getting crowds hyped while playing alongside several high profile artists in New England and beyond. Residing in Boston, Massachusetts, Krallspace has been working on his debut EP “Playing With Fire” that he will deliver to the hands of the public as a free download with an expected release in winter of 10/11.

De Qualia

The term Qualia is used to describe the subjective quality of conscious experience. Qualia embody the ineffable.

De Qualia’s production is progressive, unpredictable, unprecedented and rich with detail and organic textures. De Qualia oscillates in and out of techno, never afraid to dip into any genre he pleases at any moment. His unmistakable mixing style comprised of intricate rhythms, snarling synths, meticulous design, ineluctable throbs and breathing basslines will naturally evolve as Jonathan Baruc furthers his exploration into the unexplored space and structure of sound.

De Qualia is the creator and mixer of the notoriously eclectic and progressive EDM radio show, The Weekly Crash ( He is responsible for administering exceptional live productions as one third of Boston bassfunk providers, UnHeardUv.

Currently stationed in Boston, De Qualia prepares for extraterrestrial bassfunk protocol for 2011. Whether on tables, CD-J’s, MIDI controllers, a DJ app on his smartphone, or all the above, De Qualia never fails to fully captivate those engaged.

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