Inaudible – Speakerface Studio Mix

Rising UK producer Inaudible brings us a diverse, melodic-yet-brutal mix of his originals and remixes. It’s glitchy, mid-tempo bass music with a hard edge but enough complexity and synth layers to keep it interesting. Adding fireballs and lasers to vocal and instrumental samples, he creates a new brand of “underwater sticky funk”, as described by a soundcloud commenter. His tracks rev like engines, churning with power and energy, generating pulsing magnetic fields, throttling down into ambient moments and firing up into bangers. Experimenting with a wide range of drums from congas to DnB styles to dubstep snares, he keeps it moving rhythmically and forms an unmistakable but varied sound.

Inaudible – Speakerface



01. inaudible – Carnival [self release]
02. +Verb – Empty Hearted (inaudbile remix) *unmastered*
03. inaudbile – Pink Metal *unmastered*
04. inaudible – Strong Irrational Fear *unmastered*
05. inaudible – Echo Cahmber *unmastered*
06. Splatinum – Pumpin Quarterz (inaudible remix) [Splatinum Bandcamp]
07. inaudble – Dog Logic [Muti Music]
08. inaudible – Fish Minge *unmastered*
09. inaudible – Lets do a Makeover [Beta Birmingham]
10. inaudible – Storm Therapy [Muti Music]
11. Freddy Todd – Thug Tastic (inaudible remix) [Car Crash Set]
12. inaudible – Game Theory [Car Crash Set]
13. inaudible – Corporate Propaganda [Muti Music]
14. inaudible – Playing in Traffic *unmastered*
15. inaudible – Quiet Addict [Self Release]

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