Dov – Chaos Throttle

Dov is the man behind the Muti Music record label in San Francisco. A selector at heart, he compulsively watches new artists and picks tunes for your dancing / listening pleasure. He produces everything from Dubstep to Breaks, receiving accolades for collaborations with An-ten-nae and ill.Gates.

He’s known for energetic sets that delve as hard into a tranquil interlude as they do into bassline drops and glitched-out frenzies. The sounds he brings are always elevated and emotional; whether its late-night downtempo or peak party time, his diversity and experience ensure an interesting experience.

Download this hour-long foray into the Bay, traversing the best of the West Coast underground and beyond. It patiently builds into a dancefloor maelstrom, winding down into Reggae beats and futuristic pulsings that land us gently. Aptly named, the mix is made of tracks possessed of uncontainable energy; it churns like an engine, shifting through gears and layers of the atmosphere, throwing bodies into convulsions.

Dov DJ Mix – Chaos Throttle

1. Vapor Machet – Dying To Try
2. Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It
3. Kraddy – Android Porn (Playpad Circus Remix)
4. The Realist – 5 And A Half Steps
5. VENT – Crystalite (Deviant Edit)
6. The Realist – Decay In Daisies
7. ill.gates, Opiuo, VENT – Bass Of Origin
8. Bob Marley – Traffic Jam (Sub Swara Refix)
9. Narch – Disco Biscuit
10. Vinja – Voyager
11. J.Me.J – Come & Get It
12. Heyoka – Mourning Would
13. Subvert – Speaker Humpin (Knight Riderz Remix)
14. William Breakspear – Skanky Panky Tune
15. William Breakspear – Million Monkeys
16. Eprom – Shoplifter
17. Salva – American Grime (NastyNasty Remix)
18. Narch – Over Dosage
19. Subvert – Speaker Humpin (Mark Instinct Remix)
20. Sharps – Bad Sister
21. Joker – Tron
22. Mimosa – Magic

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