Michal Menert: “Dreaming of a Bigger Life”


Menert performing at Sonic Bloom 2010

Michal Menert, co-producer of Pretty Lights’ debut album “Taking Up Your Precious Time”, has released his own solo album “Dreaming of a Bigger Life.” Menert’s album is the first release from Pretty Lights’ intriguing new record label, Pretty Lights Records. After giving “Dreaming of a Bigger Life” a listen, its easy to see Menert’s stylistic influence on Pretty Lights’ music. The son of Polish political refugees, Menert’s creativity and musicianship is the product of both Eastern and Western influences. After learning to play the guitar, keyboards and becoming familiar with many other musical instruments, Menert’s abilities in musical composition grew. As for his electronic compositions, Menert has developed a sound and style all his own. Fans of D.V.S* will really love Menert’s downtempo trip-hop steeze. With a wide variety of soul and hip-hop samples, fat beats and a compelling sequence of tracks, “Dreaming of a Bigger Life” cannot be missed.

Get down on a couple of these soulful beats from “Dreaming of a Bigger Life”:

In The Morning

Tomorrow May Never Come

To download Michal Menert’s “Dreaming of a Bigger Life” in its entirety, head HERE

01 …Into Your Dreams
02 In The Morning
03 Starfall
04 Sun/Shadow
05 Lights Out
06 Waveshift
07 Foolin’ Myself
08 The Ratio (co-produced by Paul Arnaud Brandt)
09 So Alone
10 Feeling Better
11 One More Year
12 Alpha Omega
13 Where Do You Go?
14 The Coming Age
15 Heart Attack (with Benjamin Linder O’Neill)
16 Tomorrow May Never Come…

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