Malente! It’s a nightlife name you can trust. Major acts such as Fake Blood, Crookers, Steve Aoki, and Tiga often include him in their playlists; listen for him in the remix discographies of Bassnectar, Congorock, Trouble & Bass, A-Trak, Boys Noize and more. If there’s a pumping dancefloor out there, chances are Malente has a hand in it. He’s had tons of releases since 1999 on various labels, such as Fool’s Gold, Southern Fried Records and more recently on Steve Aoki’s massive label Dim Mak.

The origin of his name, Malente , is based on the fact that he was born in a small town in northern Germany, which is called Malente. Not only does he love producing and remixing, but has a heavy passion for all types of DJ-gigs, playing a lot of unreleased material and his special edits. He was all over the world touring last year with his unique heavy bass and techno rave sounds. His mind-bending performances at the last two Shambhala music festivals are highlighted by screaming fans and throbbing dance floors.

Malente – OMG Super Mix 09

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