LostinSound Presents D.V.S* Remix of the Month – Sleigh Bells “Run the Heart (D.V.S* Remix)”

Sleigh Bells – “Run the Heart (D.V.S Remix)”

D.V.S* (Derek VanScoten) and LostinSound.org will be teaming up in 2011 to bring you a monthly remix by the guitarist/producer. The first remix is of Brooklyn based Indie Pop duo Sleigh Bells‘ “Run the Heart.” Sleigh Bells’ vocalist, Alexis Krauss, has an intoxicating voice that drives D.V.S*’s bass heavy glitch remix. D.V.S* is capable of creating passionate renditions of music from nearly any genre or time period-so get ready for quite the list of remixes coming our way this year. Enjoy!

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