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Over the years, we at Lost in Sound have always been in support of art, music, and writing that encourages an audience to cultivate a conscious mind regarding positive social change, individual development and co-creation. We have been excited to follow the development of Knew rEvolution, the new art and culture magazine based out of Boulder, CO that features transformation that can occur to people and communities within the festival culture. The magazine’s first issue rolled out in digital format only, but the upcoming issue will be available in a physical form. Knew rEvolution is accepting visual art, poetry and short story submissions from the public NOW! Check the info below to find out how to contribute. The first issue is available now for free, follow the link below for your copy!

Download a Free Copy of Knew rEvolution Issue 1:


A message from Knew rEvolution

The Knew rEvolution editors invite your unique expression! We seek poetry, prose, photos, visual art and story ideas from our diverse and talented community. Submissions should be original, well thought out and in their final version. To submit your work, please fill out the form below and send any attachments to

Poetry submissions should be 3 pieces or less, no more the 500 words and with the author/title at the top of each piece. We aren’t sticklers for form, but we appreciate a poet adept in craft.

Short stories should be no more than 5,000 words.

Visual Art submissions should be no more then 3 pieces. Include the medium, title and the artist name.

We receive numerous submissions, and we are grateful for each and every one! With that said, we may not be able to respond to each individual email. If we are interested in publishing your submission, you will hear back within 14 days.

Visual Art Submissions

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Poetry Submissions


Short Story Submissions


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