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Scuzzy makes next-level glitch beats with melodies that twist and glow over sputtering bass claps. He’s one of the best underground producers on the West Coast – just listen for yourself!

Based in Los Angeles, he’s influenced by hip hop and the blip-tek scene made famous by the Glitch Mob, but his music is more spacey and thoughtful than most, more like Tipper’s downtempo.  At times tribal, rowdy, ethereal and haunting, his set at Portal Patch impressed me more than any other at the Burn. His tracks have a yearning to them that pulls on your emotions and throws you into movement. Get down on summa dis..

Stream “Queen Mountain”:

Queen Mountain by scuzzy

And download this ill Mix of originals and remixes: 

Scuzzy – A Star My Sun Mix

1. Scuzzy – Glassy Bounce
2. Scuzzy – She Looked Back
3. Scuzzy – Queen Mountain
4. Scuzzy – Gathered Here (ft. Amber Angell)
5. Fosforo – Give Thanks (Scuzzy crunch mix)
6. Scuzzy – Spidercats
7. Scuzzy – Ravin in the River
8. Baang the Avatar – King Boumi’s Mad Dance
9. K’naan – America (Scuzzy whomp mix)
10. Scuzzy – NeoNiafunke
11. Fosforo – Mosquito (Scuzzy swing mix)
12. Angel Garcia – Piqueton
13. Scuzzy – Fox Pooj
14. Balkan Beat Box – Adir Adirim (Scuzzy refix)

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