Fractalfest 2015 Preview and Mini-Mix Series

FRACTAL FEST 2015 | PROMO from Hayley Carloni on Vimeo.

When it comes to festivals these days it seems like every Joe with a field and some money to lose is hopping on the bandwagon. Events like Fractalfest give us a sense of hope. With a laser-like attention to detail and a psytrancer’s audiophile mentality but with a taste for all styles of electronic music, Fractaltribe‘s events always hit their mark. Top notch production value, boutique sound and family vibes.  As far as we’re concerned this is one of the few campouts in the northeast worth attending. You won’t find any heineken style pop up stages, massive corporate sponsorship or long winded, drunken, super-dj-demi-gods ranting on the mic, overflowing porter potties, overpriced water or long check-in lines. What you will find is a family of mirrors, who’s skills and passions are reflected into every facet of the event and a tribe constantly evolving and inspiring one another. They use cellular organization and remove the all too present hierarchy from their festival model; a method where everybody gets a say in how to create. It’s the overall way of managing their event that shows their efforts towards total equality and maximum quality echo throughout their projects. Whether it’s artists listed alphabetically on the fliers, every member of the collective working volunteer shifts, or the community cooking and sharing meals together at the kitchen; every single person is accountable to create and sustain the tribal atmosphere. Each individual contributing to their collective projects are as important as the next, no matter how big or small the contribution. This is a model we believe more events will emulate as the festival model matures. These gatherings are more than just a party in the a field or warehouse, they are a celebration of a new way of collaborating with the self, the community, technology and the earth.

We’ve partnered with Fractaltribe this year to co-release a series of mixes by a majority of the performing artists for this years Fractal Fest.
Below is a playlist of the mixes released thus far.

Fractaltribe notoriously sells out their events in the last week. Be sure to grab your presales HERE and know that every dollar goes directly towards improving the overall quality of the event.


Fractalfest Website
Facebook Event Page
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Fractilians of all shapes, sizes and walks of life! Our annual opportunity to frolic in the great outdoors is on the horizon!

Trees. Air. Fire. Water. Earth. Sky. Oxygen. Stars. Flow. Friends. Family. Food. Community. Participation. Homemade. Handmade. Adventure. Exploration. Music. Dance. Health. Mind. Restoration. Learning. Growth.

The Concept:

Communication is the backbone of our effort to move forward as a culture. Decades of technological advances have made correspondence faster, more convenient and more accessible, but not necessarily more effective. Because of the differences we place between ourselves and the borders we create, important matters still get lost in translation.

The idea of a Universal Language is not a new one, but is now more relevant than ever. The matters before us are ever daunting, increasingly intricate, and relentless in numbers. A common ground is as sought after now as the fountain of youth and holy grail of old.

We have found means of communication which transcend the utility of words: a shared smile on the dancefloor, a bold performance which reveals the artist’s raw emotion, an interactive installation that has the power to alter a pattern of thought. The power of creativity and expression as a communication vessel is being uncovered as a viable solution to our societal gridlock.

How will you choose to express yourself? What will you create? You have the power to make a significant impact on the world…what will you do with this knowledge?

The Intent:

Our intention as a Tribe is to provide you with an experience from which you can take inspiration and knowledge back into your everyday lives and create a better world for yourself and those around you.

The Music:

Fractal Fest flier

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