Future Simple Project Mixtapes

Future Simple Project is a growing company of musical, movement and aerial artists from the Bay Area. Audio performers Miraja & Mikey Fisher of the Family Moons Artist Collective / Dubanimals are the musical mainstays, blurring genres and keepin things moving. They are often joined by live violinist Ilya Goldberg, aerial fabric dancers and movement artists MaQi Star, Akayate, Jilly Kat, Lani, Shakti Sunfire, and other special guests. The duo weaves together cutting edge bass music putting melody first, incorporating strings, guitars and far-ranging samples with dubstep and deep pulse beats.

Their live show is a spectacle with dancers and acrobats to watch along with the DJs and instrumentalists, and represents a modern vaudeville hybrid scene thriving in the Burning Man community and spreading to events all over the country. This performance artform often features wild costumes, ranging from dramatic takes on cabaret noir with dead-looking flappers in corsets to tribal gypsy headdresses with chains and bodypaint to minimal, futuristic looks that emphasize the incredible body contortion and movements. They spin fire fans and poi and hang from silk sheets and ropes, wrapping around them, hanging, twisting, spinning with the music.

This crew shows us what is possible when people with different talents but sharing a common vision can accomplish, as it is an open collaborative effort that is constantly growing and evolving. Their strengths complement each other and make for something greater than the sum of its parts.

This is NOT just another dubstep mix.. Get ready for over two hours of deep, diverse dub beats between the two..

“The path to the peak is rugged but sound.

The saint stands defeat, for graces abound..”

Future Simple Project – Full Circle

Piste Intro
01. The Eerier Child – Into the Sun (Future:Simple Kut n Mash mix)
02. Rob Sparx – Vanabundo
03. Distance – The Prayer
04. Roomate & Noah D – The Bassman
05. Reso & I.D. Torvus
06. Ribs & IG88 – Mollusc
07. Optimus Grime – Immortal Truth RMX
08. Bar 9 – Dancin With the Devil
09. The Widdler – The Goaskalice
10. Rumblejunkie – A Work of Science
11. Giant – Rocker
12. George Lenton – Cold Rocker
13. Guns n’ Bombs – Riddle of Steel (12th Planet & teaLong RMX)
14. Syncro – Music Makers ( Bar 9 RMX)
15. Bar 9 – Shaolin Style (Nero RMX)
16. The Eerier Child – Into the Sun (Future:Simple Kut n Mash mix)
Piste Outro

Future Simple Project Live on the Naked Stage

01. SubDivision – The Pensieri Morbidi
02. DJunya – Harp Dub
03. Clouds – Under the Dancing Feet feat. Tiiu (Tes La Rock mix)
04. AC23 – Love Her
05. Rob Sparxx – After Midnight
06. Phollox – Yangtze River Dub
07. Caspa – Cockney Violin
08. OSC – Zion
09. AntiSerium – Rambo Style
10. Ed Solo – Resident Evil
11. Ripple – Sunday Morning
12. The Black Ghosts – Some Way Trough This (Plastician & Skream RMX)
13. Tes La Rok – Darkness Falls
14. Kromestar – Jumpin
15. Heyoka – Purgatory Dub
16. Rusko vs. Caspa – King George
17. BassNectar – Heads Up


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