Dirtwire: The Carrier – Album Review

Thoroughly twisted up in the musical brew storming through my ears, the syrupy symphony materializes from a cultural cornucopia, like a serpentine seductress of the east rising out of the crocodile swamp lands of the dirty south. These diverse sounds are emerging from The Carrier, Dirtwire‘s newest EP. Wobbling the lines of global differences and cross fading cultures, Dirtwire forges a musical experience made tangible only by our world of increased globalization.

Cultural extermination is currently at its height, with the watering down and diminishing of the most precious fragments of our motherlands, music, dance, storytelling, art. Together Evan Fraser of Stellamara and David Satori of Beats Antique bridge together sounds from the eclectic civilizations of our Earth, resurrecting lost arts and unveiling the potency within the fusion.

dirtwire3-370x246The album’s debut single “The Well” features the powerful vocal harmonies of Rising Appalachia, texturizing the back porch electro-acoustic melodies of Dirtwire’s influences. “The Well” was ignited by this year’s severe droughts in California and offers a tribute to one of Earth’s most precious resources – water.

The Carrier is not an album, it’s a journey, a story of the collision of worlds. No one track stands alone, like a painting, it’s each brush stroke, each sound, that makes up the multi-layered intricacy of this work. It’s a meandering path where every turn lurks a new and unexpected sound. The journey ends on a summer night, sipping a whiskey lemonade on the back porch, taking in the view and the music of old friends, I wonder where The Carrier will take you.

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