We Are Something The Planet Is Doing

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I believe that the definitive image of the early 21st Century will be of a sphere — of the Earth from space — of the cosmic plenitude and wholeness of a full belly and breast and basket, and a recognition of the archetypal as-above-so-below-ness that we are embedded in, that we can take a perspective on by zooming out into orbit and recognizing the common unity of all live on Earth.

By going back four billion years and examining the Last Universal Common Ancestor of all of the major kingdoms of life, we see a foreshadowing, a precursor, of contemporary impetus to build this internet, to destroy national boundaries. The earliest life on Earth was a globe-encircling bioplasm of individual cells that were exchanging, freely, their genetic code — their selfhood — and there’s an obvious parallel between that and the contemporary obsessive sharing of blogs and video and personal narratives.

There’s something going on that we are feeding, this greater self, this inevitability, this project that is continuing to fractally diversify within the ionospheric envelope of our planet, inside of the dreaming noosphere that has been present since the beginning of life on this planet. We’re not building this thing, we are participating in it, we are the idea that it is having, we are a fashionable new trend in the creative, ongoing, purposive unfolding of the Gaian mind.

Teilhard de Chardin recognized that collectivization leads to hyperpersonalization and somehow, by recognizing our embeddedness in and our precipitation through and from, as an expression of, this planetary archetype, that each of us is able to align ourselves with the higher purpose of evolution — not as a mechanism of control, not as a way of escaping our mortality, but as a way of exemplifying and exalting this process that is living through us, that we are just a transitional stage in. And to the degree that we are able to do this — to the degree that we are able to recognize our own egoic purpose as the fulfillment of the life on this planet — then we can heal ourselves of the alienation of the separate self of the modern world.

There’s always been this one creature. Everything we’re doing is something the Earth is doing.



Paleontologist turned performing philosopher, Michael Garfield‘s
multimedia maps of the evolutionary landscape and our place in it are
an attempt to demonstrate that everything is equally art, science, and
spiritual practice.









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