D.V.S* The Newell & Doran Mix (Live at Dublab Los Angeles, CA)+ “Society of the Evening Star”

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D.V.S*-The Newell & Doran Mix

D.V.S*’s Song Explanations/Set List:

0:00 “Newell & Doran” is like hip hop acoustic sounds in 7/4 on a nice spring day.

4:21 “Area of Grey” began with Arman Christoff when we worked together at the Aspen Music Festival. I was feeling Eno and and he was feeling Roger Waters.

7:00 “Will Us, With Us,” “Trees” and “Jarret” are part of a theme of their own…guitars and nature and beats and space kinda stuff.

15:11 “The Kill” was written and performed by Reed Foehl. One day he came over, gave me beer, and recorded it. I’m hooked. Look out!

16:25 “Bloom” and “Attunement” continue where “Jarret” left off…

20:20 “Perception” and “Song Cry” undeniably divulge my love for Boards of Canada type stuff…oh, and and Just Blaze too!

22:02 “Sweetest Awakening” is a mashup of tunes between me & my friend Josh from childhood. Good heart stuff. I miss him.

23:13 “After it All” is a perfect closer. Space house talk box with Martha & The Vandellas on vocals.


BRAND NEW D.V.S* Single “Society of the Evening Star”


D.V.S* Society of the Evening Star

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