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Barclay Crenshaw, aka Claude VonStroke, has quickly made a name for himself atop the DJ/Producer world. The pseudonym originally came about as a gag with friends while making up imaginary names for European DJs. However, the Detroit suburb-raised producer honed his sound and skills in San Francisco (on Haight St. no less), and soon found himself booked at parties and venues across the world. His quirky, one-of-a-kind productions are strictly meant for booty shakin’, and leave the typical snotty club attitude at the door. He founded two labels: “Dirtybird” for his own sound, and “Mothership” for more Euro-flavored techno and house, featuring groups like Catz ‘n Dogz, Maetrik and Voodeux. He’s got a reputation as the industry’s nice guy; a large percentage of his label’s proceeds go to a music school for children in Claude’s hometown of Detroit. He always throws down unforgettable, bootyrific dance parties (with a touch of San Francisco vibe), and refuses to take life too seriously.

His newest singles:

Claude Vonstroke – Vocal Chords

Claude Vonstroke – Whose Afraid of Detroit

Claude Vonstroke – Chimps


Mikael Weill – Silmarions (Claude Vonstroke Mix)

Poxymusic Feat. Gina Mitchell – War Paint (Claude Vonstroke Mix)

Voodeux – Just A Spoonful (Claude Vonstroke Fabric46 Mix)


Live Mixes:
Claude Vonstroke Essential Mix BBC Radio One
(about 30min in he drops the craziest rant about shrooms ever)

Public Enemy ‘Countdown To Armageddon’ (Def Jam)
Akira Ifukube ‘Godzilla Theme’ (La La Land Records)
Justin Martin & Sammy D ‘Yum’ (Cadang / Dirtybird Re-Issue)
Frederic Galliano ‘Woualai (Soul Designer Remix) ‘F-Communications)
Italoboyz ‘Unknown’ (White Label)
John Coltrane ‘Bahia’ (Prestige)
DJ Deeon ‘Da Hoez’ (Freak Mode)
Sagat ‘Fuk Dat’ (Maxi Records)
Mike Dunn ‘So Let It Be House’ (Westbrook Records)
Detroit Grand Pubahs ‘Sandwiches’ (Throw)
Claude Vonstroke ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit (Claude Vonstroke Underground Dub)’ (Dirtybird)
Duoteque ‘Logo’ (Boxer)
DJ Koze Vs. Sid Lerock ‘Naked (DJ Koze Remix)’ (Cereal Killers)
Robag Whrume ‘Pelagia’ (Musik Krause)
Kevin Rocks ‘Maravillosso’ (Rocks Playground)
Marshall Jefferson ‘Mushrooms (Justin Martin Remix)’ (Airtight)
Ptoile ‘Tigre Della Stella’ (Channel Records)
Todd Bodine ‘Secret Edge’ (Mothership)
Martin Eyerer & Anthony Collins Present Starsniff ‘Manifestation’ (Le Bien Et Le Mal)
Voodeux ‘The Curse’ (Mothership)
Frankie ‘Mash (Donk Boyz House Remix) (Frankie Rec.)
Khia ‘My Neck (Acapella)’ (Direction)
Manic Minds ‘Trans (Fafa Monteco Remix)’ (Brique Rouge)
Ranier Weicheld ‘Bamboo’ (Great Stuff)
The Martin Brothers ‘Full Moon’ (Dirtybird)
Style Of Eye ‘The Big Kazoo’ (Dirtybird)
The Pack ‘Vans’ (Zomba US)
Mr Rogers Clip
Claude Vonstroke ‘The Killer’ (Dirtybird)
Michal Ho Feat. Lil Dirty ‘Break Free’ (Moon Harbour
Needles ‘Revox’ (CDR)
Style Of Eye ‘Hide’ (Dirtybird)
John Tejada ‘Timebomb’ (7th City)
Italoboyz ‘Zinga’ (Mothership)
Henrik Schwarz ‘Robert & Dornroosje’ (Not On Label) (contains sample From Robert Hood’s Track “Minus” From The Album “Internal Empire” (Tresor 27).
The Detroit Experiment ‘Think Twice (CVS Re-Edit)’ (Ropeadope Records
Reverend Tickle Clip
Burnto Bertolucci ‘Bake Me Dome Tonight (Claude V Unofficial Smiths Remix) (White Label)

Claude VonStroke on Transitions with John Digweed 23-10-2009

01 Sascha Braemer – Go Loco
02 David Keno – Bonito
03 Edu K – Dos Gusanos
04 Viktor Vera & Mijal – Jungler
05 Mike Monday – Grace (Justin Martin Remix)
06 Claude Vonstroke – Vocal Chords
07 Sascha Braemer – Some Sweat
08 Philip Bader & Hirtenfeller – I Try
09 Hirtenfeller & Cerosin Natalies – On Time No Live Vocs
10 Luca Lozano – Berlinetta (J Phlip Remix)
11 Claude Vonstroke – Storm On Lake St. Claire (Vonstroke Revamp)
12 Claude Vonstroke – Aundy (Dj Marky & S.p.y. Remix)

This is the official video for one of his first chart smashers, “Deep Throat”:

World Tour:

Mar 6 2010  Roots/City Hall Denver, Colorado
Mar 12 2010 Plan B London
Mar 13 2010 Chibuku Liverpool
Mar 25 2010 Bar Americas Guadalajara, Jalisco
Apr 2 2010 Audio Brighton
Apr 3 2010 Electron Festival Geneva
Apr 4 2010 Silo Leuven
Apr 4 2010 Make Up Club Ghent, Belgium
Apr 30 2010 The Thekla Bristol
Apr 30 2010 Cardiff South Glamorgan
May 1 2010 Shindig Newcastle
May 2 2010 Nottingham @ Indoor Festival Nottingham
May 2 2010 Sankeys Manchester
May 15 2010 Lyon, France @ Nuit Sonores Lyon
May 29 2010 Detroit @ DEMF Detroit, Michigan
Jun 4 2010 Stereo Montreal
Aug 7 2010 Dance Valley Festival Belgium
Aug 20th – SF @ dirtybird San Francisco, California

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