LostinSound Exclusive Release

Naasko – Interview & Exclusive Mix (DEEP DUB DOWNLOAD SERIES MIX #010)

by DigitalVagabondon November 18, 2014
We recently discovered the sounds of Naasko, BC native, former label head for Interchill Records, and 16 year DJ veteran. His mixes range in genre from dub, to DnB, to progressive. Each mix provides a descriptive sonic narrative while highlighting the sounds of producers worldwide. His time with Interchill, as well as production management for world […]

Skytree – Exclusive Mix & Interview

by ranchsauceon November 13, 2014
Skytree – Live in Boston – September 25th, 2014 Exclusive Mix presented by LostinSound.org and Lost Boy Calling [LiS] You have recently made some new decisions regarding your Skytree project – can you describe what’s changed? [Skytree] I’ve decided to take things back to my deeper roots a bit more and let go of some […]

Demon1 (1)

Demon – Interview & Exclusive Mix (DEEP DUB DOWNLOAD SERIES MIX #009)

by Satellite Manon November 11, 2014
Dubstep is a genre that seems to have two very distinct personalities and fan bases. Most people that listen to the mainstream version probably do not know that the other side of it even exists. Co-founder and CEO of the UK based record label Macabre Unit Digital (M.U.D/V), Demon, a.k.a. Raff Di Renzo, has been around […]

B.R.E.E.D – ‘The Inside’ Preview & Exclusive Download

by ranchsauceon November 6, 2014
It’s an exciting time for Los Angeles’ bass sensation B.R.E.E.D. Their notoriety and reach in the States broadened since their debut album Binate was released on Muti Music and caught fire on both the Beatport Glitch Hop and Addictech charts. What was once a DJ set performed by Ritesh D’Souza, the bass music pioneer of India […]

Tech lenses

Technicolor Lenses – Exclusive Mix & Tour Fundraiser Details

by DigitalVagabondon October 16, 2014
In light of their new album Psychedelegates being released earlier on September 2nd of this year (2014), Technicolor Lenses have launched a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for their upcoming tour. The end goal is $5,000. Thus far the campaign has been quite successful, thanks to the generous donations of their fans, friends, […]

Owl – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by DigitalVagabondon October 13, 2014
Meet Pierre Mÿosis. One half of the project Glÿph featuring fellow producer Clearlight. Pierre recently caught our attention with his new project Owl where he features luscious deep-space sound design at 140 and 170 bpm. Hailing from Belgium with 6+ years of production knowledge under his belt, Owl has taken flight into the dark night skies of the […]


Slowly Moving Lips – ‘Guerrilla Trax’ EP & Free D/L

by KatoPopon September 17, 2014
In his hour long mix entitled “The Return of Huckleberry Finn,” Dylan Blumberg, a.k.a. Slowly Moving Lips, creates a surprisingly functional medley of beats comprised of audio recorded from a one hour walk in his Oakland, CA neighborhood. Common street sounds are manipulated and transformed into a compelling work that leaves you searching for the source […]
sqz me 3

Sqz Me – Interview & Exclusive Mix (Deep Dub Download Series Mix #007)

by DigitalVagabondon September 1, 2014
1. Biome – “Time Lapse” 2. The Guy With No Name – “Mad Man” 3. Sqz Me – “Low Contrast” 4. Sqz Me – “Clash” (Causa Remix) 5. Chad Dubz – “Witnessed” 6. Feonix – “Butterfly” 7. Sqz Me – “Pretty Butterfly” 8. Biome – “Zero” 9. NDread – “Pinball VIP” 10. J:Kenzo – “Therapy” […]


Ion Driver – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by inertgeometryon August 19, 2014
TEXAS, 10:45 PM CDT, April 19th, 2014 A group of friends celebrating Bicycle Day at an outdoor psychedelic music festival in the hill country of central Texas experienced what can only be described as “alien sounds,” ripping apart the fabric of space and engulfing one of the friends, Olivia, into oblivion near the conclusion of […]

Archnemesis Summer Mix (Lost in Sound Exclusive)

by IntuiSeanon August 3, 2014
Tracklist: Kill The Noise – Saturn (Kill Paris Remix/Archnemesis Re-Edit) Archnemesis – Show Me Love Archnemesis – Undisputed Archnemesis – Bumpin’ Archnemesis – Every Man For Himself Archnemesis – We Want The World Gramatik – Uprising (Archnemesis Re-Edit) Archnemesis – Welcome To Atlanta Archnemesis – Follow Me Archnemesis – Helicopter Mack Archnemesis – Lose Control […]

PRSN Featured

PRSN – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by Satellite Manon July 6, 2014
Every so often I’ll embark on a trance-like, indulgent SoundCloud binge. I  transcend genres, states, countries, and usually end up in some bizarre corner of the musical universe. Just when I think I’ve wasted hours of my day, I’ll stumble upon a perfect mix or artist I’ve been seeking to fill that void. PRSN is […]

Halo Refuser Interview and Exclusive Track

by David 'Dino' Durkinon May 31, 2014
Halo Refuser’s new album Into Your Layers is so good, that at about ten seconds into the first song, I had to stop playing it on my laptop just so I could plug it into my speakers as to fully immerse myself into the soothing, funky, and melodical beats. Listening to it pulls me into […]

Subverse-NYC [6.14.14] Exclusive Mix & Ticket Giveaway

by DigitalVagabondon May 14, 2014
Words adapted from Wil Benton of FatKidOnFire and Max Mischief of SUBVERSE… On Saturday June 14th, Subverse-NYC is proud to present an evening of dark dubstep at The Paper Box in Brooklyn, New York. The night showcases quite possibly the weightiest lineup that the SBVRS gang have put together since the crew’s inception in 2012. This (their […]
Eukarya Winter Winding Cover

Eukarya – ‘Winter Winding’ EP Review, Interview & LiS Exclusive Mix

by Madelion Moondropon April 7, 2014
Let your mind slowly settle into the course of the journey, clearing any remnants of the self in the reverberation of the gongs, the resonance of the singing bowls and low frequency of the chanting. Digital synth chants that is. Eukarya’s four song EP Winter Winding introduces itself with “Morning Sun,“ setting the scene and creating a surreal introduction with […]

dillard 5

Dillard – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by DigitalVagabondon March 31, 2014
Quietly conjuring in his humble basement studio, snacking on merely Doritos and Nestle green teas, the future son of american bass music; Dillon Gabheart lives nestled into the foothills of the rocky mountains in the quaint suburbs of Denver, Colorado, arguably the heart of “American dubstep.” At 20, he’s released tracks internationally and collaborated with many […]

Dysphemic – ‘Return to the Mothership 1′ – Free LiS Exclusive Download

by Detective Flanderson February 10, 2014
Zombies, Aliens, mushroom hunting, and space missions! Melbourne producer Dysphemic‘s first in a 3 part series on Adapted records, Return to the Mothership 1 is a random journey of B-grade Sci-Fi inspired glitch hop and drumstep. From the Transylvanian horror funk of “Mystical Zombie Bounce” to the 80′s break-dance space hop of “Mission of the Dark Star,” […]


Sonic Geometry – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by Dank P.h.a.r.t. The Pirate Poeton February 8, 2014
I had the great pleasure of doing an interview with Andy Beyer, who produces under the name Sonic Geometry. For this interview I went down to Andy’s house where we got in the hot tub and broke reality open. We went on a journey from the beginnings of his artistic musings into the depths of […]

Chas Bronz – ‘Made in Boston’ Mix (LostinSound.org Exclusive)

by IntuiSeanon February 2, 2014
Boston-based composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and all-around disco aficionado Chas Bronz has prepped an exclusive mix for our Lost in Sound fanbase. When I think of the name Chas Bronz, the first thing that comes to mind is “International Man of Mystery”. Chas seems to have his hands on countless projects at any given time, a […]


Gloom – Exclusive Video Premier & Interview

by Hernanon January 30, 2014
Video Premier 001: “Dream Scheme” by Gloom (feat. Bijou) Lost in Sound is happy to announce the birth of our Video Premier series as an effort to support quality and unique audiovisual production within the pioneering music scene that we’re so proud to be a part of. Our first series features the work of Gloom, […]

Erothyme – Interview & Exclusive Mix

by DigitalVagabondon January 27, 2014
Erothyme (Bobby West) is the result of Al Hofmann himself, genetically modifying the DNA of Stevie Wonder and Poseidon, God of the Sea. It’s been almost five years since our first Erothyme sighting and he’s done nothing but improve and impress since. With heavy influences from supernovas such as Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, Erothyme’s more melodic […]