Artists to Look Out For at Camp Bisco X (Part 1)

As we near the Tenth Anniversary of Camp Bisco, it has become more clear that this is the festival that started it all for me. I can only account for the things I have seen and heard in the years that I have attended, but I made it an objective since my first Camp to get as diverse with the music as I could and enjoy my time there as much as possible. Whether you’re a Biscuits head or bass head, at Camp you know that no weather conditions will ever stop us from raging. There are an overwhelming amount of acts which are hitting Camp Bisco X in 2011 (100+ performers on 5 stages), and here I have compiled a list for all biscuit & bass heads alike to help keep it movin’!


“Growing like wildfire under the canopy of live electonica and world roots music comes Beats Antique, a masterful merge of modern technology, live instrumentation and seductive performance. Beats Antique combines the sounds of the Middle East and orchestral gypsy music with the styles of hip-hop, brass band, downtempo, glitch and dubstep in a new collage of music that is mixed and broken down with clever breakbeats for an adept international flair. Beats Antique is producing an un-charted style of music by adding live horns, accordion, glockenspiel, viola, string quartets, kalimba, clarinet and various unusual instruments to their big beat arrangements.”


What started back in the mid nineties as an experiment fusing youth culture and social action has turned into a multi-faceted, multi-faced creature called Bassnectar. It is the brainchild of Lorin Ashton, and it exists as an open-sourced musical project that is as diverse as it is heavy, as raw as it is meticulous, and as fierce as it is imaginary. Bassnectar combines sound and force with weight while spanning the spectrum of sonic style, covering every genre imaginable, and smashing it all into a collision of wobbling, perverted basslines, hypnotic hide-and-seek adventures, and pretty much anything that strikes his fancy. He calls the end product “omnitempo maximalism,” which basically means no rules, no limitations, and no hesitation in fusing the familiar with the strange or the classic with the cutting edge”


Bluetech is a Psybient DJ/producer who creates a varied selection of downtempo music. Bluetech’s music is very diverse, even for a psybient artist. He places significant emphasis on melody in his productions, and his works often demonstrate an influence from Dub and Ambient Techno. Although Bluetech’s music includes some organic samples, it is created mostly using digital synthesizers and production software, giving a very Digital quality to it.”


“To some, it must seem like this young electronic producer came out of nowhere this year, but those in the know have been following Emancipator since he self-released his first album, “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough,” at the age of 19 in 2006. His agile melodies layered over headnodic, immaculately-produced beats captivated fans across the internet and across the world. “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough” was picked up by Japanese super-producer Nujabes, pressed in Japan and sold 5,000 copies in the first six months. Emancipator landed a Puma sponsorship, gave an interview to Rolling Stone Japan, and even had his song “Maps” played at the Bejing Olympics. His latest album “Safe In The Steep Cliffs” blends new instrumentation and organic samples with the signature Emancipator style of clean production, silky melodies and addictive drums.”


Conspirator, the duo of Disco Biscuits staples Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner which often features guest musicians in the live setting, is currently on a national tour of “full band” performances featuring Chris Michetti and a rotating cast of first-class drummers. Drummers include, Adam Deitch, Darren Shearer, Mike Greenfield, and Lane Shaw.


“Brooklyn-based SAVOY’s rock edged, yet club-geared releases, along with their notoriously high energy live shows have spawned a hybrid dance culture of its own. In just under a year and a half, the live electro-house trio has made a name for itself by effectively bridging the gap between the concert venue rocker and the club-bangin’ partier – and the result is a rapidly emerging new market that can’t seem to get enough. In such a short period of time, SAVOY has truly established themselves as not only talented producers but as innovators of live electronic music.”


“Founded in 1998 by three longtime members of the Toronto music scene, The New Deal fused electronic music with live improvisation at a time when parallel developments were occurring elsewhere on the continent. Through relentless touring, the band quickly built a strong following among jam band fans, rave kids, and fellow musicians. Each member of the New Deal has roots in the Canadian jazz scene. Keyboardist Jamie Shields came from the horn-infused One Step Beyond while drummer and beat boxer Darren Shearer migrated from Gypsy Sol and bassist Dan Kurtz from Que Vida!”


“Never a group to be pigeonholed, Lotus brings many musical weapons to the stage. From festival stages such as Rothbury, Wakarusa and Red Rocks to theaters across the country the band has left grinning crowds dripping with sweat. Equal parts Dance and Rock, Lotus has been crafting a unique brand of instrumental rock for the past decade. Their latest release Oil on Glass/Feather on Wood “proves that no words are needed to elicit any feelings, the instrumentals alone are enough to connote a myriad of emotions.”


Pretty Lights is the musical vision of the ultra-versatile Colorado based producer Derek Vincent Smith. At a time when music lovers from almost all subcultures and genres are finding common ground in the basic form of bangin’ beats, Pretty Lights is giving the people what they want: electro organic cutting-edge party rocking beats that fill venues with energy and emotion and send dance floors into frenzies.”


Christopher Mercer, aka Rusko was born in Leeds in 1985 to a musical family. Rusko was surrounded by music whether it be his families piano’s, guitars, banjo’s and saxophones…or in his later years the heavy reggae and dub sound systems of Leeds, music has always been an integral part of Rusko’s life. Now part of the Mad Decent Camp with collaborations on the horizon with the likes of Switch, Diplo , Santigold, Trouble Andrew, Hot Chip and more…the future sure is looking bright for this super producer originally from Leeds.”


“After huge success in 2008 and 2009, it was set to follow 2010 would be a ground braking year for NERO. Signed to Chase and Status label, their first single from their forthcoming album “Innocence” was released on MTA records in April. The guys picked up numerous awards and nominations; winning Beatport awards for Best Dubstep Act and Best Dubstep Track for “Act Like You Know” and nominated for BBC’s Sound of 2011, XFMs Sound of 2011 and Music Week’s Top 15. The recent success of their single ‘Me and You’ demonstrates what an exciting year 2011 is going to be for NERO.”


“We tried to make ‘festival weapons,’ so when we play them, it’s like throwing a million hatchets into the audience,” explains Jesse F. Keeler, one half of DJ/production duo MSTRKRFT, describing the songs from the upcoming album, Fist Of God. “When we play our own records, they need to be big.” Indeed, when it came to following up their acclaimed debut, 2006’s The Looks, MSTRKRFT looked to their experience behind the decks, spinning everywhere from packed, sweaty clubs to major festivals like the World Electronic Music Festival and Bonnaroo. “When we made The Looks, we hadn’t started DJ-ing professionally,” says Al Puodziukas, the other half of MSTRKRFT better known as Al-P. “This record is more like what we’d play out in our sets.” “Making The Looks was a debauched time,” Jesse adds. “We’d go out and party every single night, then come to the studio at 1:00 pm. We’re still going out every night, but around the world, which is a very different experience. It may sound arrogant, but from our DJ experience we’ve developed ideas about what people should be listening to.”


“If you can move, Orchard Lounge will back you up. Formed in Chicago in 2000, OL is the collective of Ben Silver, Spencer Lokken and Bethany Briscoe Lokken. This versatile trio has enlightened dance floors from Mexico to Maine with their eclectic mixes, from sunset chill-out to bass-dropping tech house, and an array of other futuristic sounds. Theirs is a democratic mission: to expose as many people as possible to the artists they admire and respect.”


“Sometimes you need to challenge yourself to know how good you really are. It’s what the best in business, sport and the arts do to get to the top – and it’s driven by hunger. The Japanese PopstarsGary Curran, Declan ‘Decky Hedrock’ McLaughlin and Gareth Donoghue – may have been together for just four years, but they’ve carved out a reputation to rival the biggest names in dance music as a must-see live act and purveyor of raucous, foot-stomping, energetic electronic dance music.”

It’s possible you haven’t heard of all these acts, but I guarantee you will have a great time at any one of their sets. Keep a look out for PART 2 [featuring more great artist’s to keep an eye out for] coming out within the week. Enjoy the read, Use Your Head and keep it moving!

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