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Blue Boy Productions (BBP) is Alex Russo (Production) and Chris Narainen (drums), co-founders of Boston’s headiest weekly electronic event, Music Ecology. The duo has ignited the electronic community in the greater Boston area by continuing to produce smart, creative lineups. With the event’s growing popularity, BBP has been able to play less Music Ecology events and spend more time crafting their first album, Getting Deep.

The album was produced to flow continuously like a half-hour long DJ mix would. After listening to each track, it is apparent that Blue Boy Productions is seasoned in the ways of Glitch and Psybient styles. I find that the duo knows exactly when keep it simple and when to let the intricate production rip its way through the speakers. There are points where their Bluetech influence is very apparent… however, they are able to create compatible layers that remain unique. “Purple Snow” may be their most impressive track. It channels Heyoka’s dub inspired style of Glitch Hop but remains serenely mellow- very thought provoking. Loads of really cool experimentation with delay, reverb and combinations of organic mixed with synthetic sounds.

The title track, “Getting Deep”, is a flamenco inspired dubstep tune in 5/4 using rhythmic instrumentals to stir up the listener’s mind with just the right amount of womp, not overdone. The second track, “Crunchy”, makes me think of fighting a boss in either the Double Dragon or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade games. Nerdstep to the max! It ends with really weird low to high to low sounds like going up a keyboard, down the keyboard and back up again. I think some of the transitions between tracks are seamless and smooth, while a few others still need some tweaking. The album is intriguing and retains a full sound throughout. Getting Deep is one hell of an impressive first release from the Boston duo. Get it on in.

BBP-Purple Snow

BBP-Falling Down

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